Saturday, November 26, 2011


I maintain I studiously call the stops and I have been doing it for years.
Yet I now have two of these phony call stop violations, what gives?
Too top it off, they are saying that the DAY AFTER my meeting with Greg Larson I didn't call my stops again!
At that meeting I told Greg that I was willing to STOP THE BUS at every single one of the stops, put on the brake, turn around and make the announcement to be sure  sure everyone hears me.
He told me that was not necessary.
Are they actually setting me up?
I wonder what would happen to this company if I COULD ACTUALLY PROVE that they are lying?
In this idiotic letter they say I 'missed' the last meeting because I was 'sick'.
The truth is that this was discussed with Greg at the same time we discussed that MAX video.
The lies and distortions never end here at TRIMET.
The funniest thing about this is, I know virtually everybody that rides the 58 and where they get off.


Al M said...

Apparently there is a pool forming betting on the date of my firing!


Love it!

Cameron Johnson said...

Wait... back the hell up.

Very rarely are the stops ever called on non new Flyers where I come from. And when they're not, no one gives a damn.

...Trimet's action is blatantly suspicious.