Thursday, November 24, 2011


Employees of Trimet will be going to the December 14th board meeting to express to the directors that management has not upheld its responsibility in creating a safe working environment; 

schedules that work so that operators are not under undo pressure, equipment that meets basic standards of safe operation, and work schedules that do not create exhaustion

While McFarlane preaches safety, he has done nothing to address the systemic problems associated with safety. All of McFarlanes safety measures revolve around safety training for operators. He has ignored the operational issues that have created an unsafe work environment.

We intend to give the board of directors examples of some of the unsafe conditions under which we work under.

The current contract states:

Section 15 — SAFETY
Par. 1. The health and welfare of employees is a primary
concern of both the District and Association. Both parties
recognize the importance of achieving and maintaining a high
level of safety in all operations of the District. Both parties
also recognize the importance of reducing on-the-job injuries
and controlling property damage and production losses.
Both parties recognize the value of safety rules and practices,
as well as preventive and corrective safety measures.
Therefore, the District and Association, in recognition of their
common commitment to promotion of safety and reduction
of losses, will jointly support efforts to implement policies,
practices, procedures, and protections during the duration of
this Agreement to bring this about.

The management has failed to deliver a safe working environment for its employees.


Unknown said...

Why arent you guys filing grievances if the company is violating the contract? If your President is not doing anything then you need to get the international involved.

Al M said...

Hanley apparently isn't interested in local business.