Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Great Artwork by Tim Helmer

Just think Al. No more sign-ups for you,ever!


Ross Wrede said...

Actually, until Al submits his official retirement notice to TriMet, he WILL be required to sign up at his appointed time. (Or the union officer will do it for him)

Al M said...

Yup! Ross is corectomundo! And I am actually planning on breing at my one full time signup-just so I can grab it for my blog! I haven't been to a signup in more than a decade!

Jason McHuff said...

Would you have to go now that you'll be towards the bottom of the list and not know what you'll be able to pick from?

Al M said...

19 choices! Better than 1!