Wednesday, April 25, 2012

John Charles says TriMet can't do everything at once


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punkrawker4783 said...

You know, he has a good point. Why, if revenues are up, why is service down. In North County (NCTD) they just rolled back fares, many agencies are actually adding back service that was lost, due to higher ridership. But TriMet...

I also read thru the budget, Why is TriMet borrowing $3 million for the PMLR project? They said no funds are coming from them for it, yet theres $3 million being borrowed. If you dont have the money for it, you open a savings account, you dont dig deeper into debt, which your already having a hard time digging out of.

I would really like to see someone get a petition rolling to elect the board, its waaaaaay overdue