Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something screwy with the Oregonian comments again

I can never tell what's going on with the Oregonian and me, I get banned there from time to time and apparently I am banned again. Not really important to me that they take my comments or not but I do want to respond to a comment made By Michael Anderson about the retirement being possible at 55 years old with 10 years in.

I was told that you could only receive benefits after 10 years in at 58 years of age but according to Anderson I am incorrect and he offers THIS EVIDENCE. (pg 132)

So basically I stayed three more years than I needed to? Damn!


Jason McHuff said...

I see on page 133 where you can get a reduced pension at 55, and below that where it seems to say you can leave early and get retirement later but not get any rate increases.

In any case, it's three more years of credit.

Michael, Portland Afoot said...

Hey, just saw this, Al - I was wondering if you'd seen that comment. Sorry to maybe be the bearer of bad news, I guess. In any case, congrats.