Friday, April 27, 2012

Trimet union members vote for compromise with TriMet

 This is a major development in the dispute with Trimet, 757 members are no longer insisting that Trimet provide a fully paid health plan to union employees!

The vote count took place on Friday, April 27, 2012 and was supervised by Helen Goche, the duly elected Chair of the ATU 2012 Election Committee.
Proposal #1, maintain status quo: 336
Proposal #2, maintain status quo except insurance changes: 607

 Amalgamated Transit Union -Local 757


Anonymous said...

did they say what insurance changes, or just accept all that TriMet has proposed for insurance changes??

Al M said...

It's a compromise between what Mcfarlane wants and what the union wanted, which was of course fully paid health insurance.

Anonymous said...

do you have details? Retiree, so didn't get the info/vote. Interested in what they are proposing for retirees. thanks

Al M said...

Current retirees will get the same coverage they were promised, in other words no co payments.