Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm #1!

Trimet has just taken 19 part timers full time!
Guess who gets the #1 seniority spot!


 It will be the only time I achieve a #1 status at TRIMET! Hooray!

 After consideration of the contract confusion and the distinct possibility that Trimet union employees benefits can be drastically changed, I have decided to go back to the one and done method.

Do my one day as a full timer and go enjoy life while I can. I 'enjoy' driving a bus as much as you can but this is definitely work. It's not fun, there is too much at risk, too many demands, and a fairly unsafe environment.

I'll take the small retirement with health benefits and leave the driving to somebody else.


Steve Fung said...

That 1st 14 hour split shift day should do you in, especially if it is a 4,9, 20 combo.I can barely do three 10's,let alone do it for 5 days for three months straight.

Al M said...

I'll never make three months-but this will be an interesting way to end my career here.....


Al M said...

And I'm sure our management will just love the fact that I am gonna stick around for a few more days/weeks/months/years!

Because I know they love me!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Now there's a lucky break.
come drive the 51! :p

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog tonight--and it is wonderful!!! I had the misfortune of spending 4 years of hell with Tri-Met in the late 80's--didn't drive, but still had the same sorts of experiences you did. Has to be the positively worst place I have ever worked. Some of the folks were wonderful--others, especially those in management, could make your life miserable. And they seemed to enjoy doing it! Congrats to you for getting out!!!