Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Update on rail supervisor incident

It turned out to be true that a rail supervisor did indeed knock out someone in uniform.
It appears that this person will keep his job at Trimet, after taking a month off "administrative leave" (paid vacation basically)
I guess they paid off the 'victim' so he is not pressing charges, that's the rumor anyway.
Point being of course, if that had been a BUS DRIVER that punched out a TriMet patron, he would be out of here so fast that you couldn't see him going.
If 'they' like you, you can get away with almost anything and still be employed here.
If 'they' don't like you, adios amigos.

It seems there was an argument going on between a male and female. The supervisor stepped in the middle to break it up. He poked the man several times and then the man charged the supervisor. Supervisor laid him out cold on the MAX tracks where he held him down till the police arrived. The supervisor claims that the youth spit on him.

There were three camera's with video feeds. They are under lock down and this time there will be no leaks.

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Nedwell said...

This story makes me again ponder the odd, neither fish nor fowl aspect of supervisors at Trimet.
They are charged with carrying out management's whims and campaigns, often against their union compadres. They are union members, so company actions that are against the union will affect them. Some of the perks of their job are designed to physically isolate them from the rank & file. One attraction of the job must partly come out of boredom with actually operating transit vehicles. The greatest attraction must be to wield some power in an organization that puts most union staff in a position of powerlessness.

The worst are petty tyrants, but that's true in any bureaucratic organization with fixed ranks (ie. military service). The best have to figure out an ethical role for themselves that fits between non-union management and a sorely beset worker group.

Are they organizationally ambitious people? Is supervisor all they aspire to? Couldn't tell you; never had a candid job discussion with a supervisor.