Monday, December 14, 2015

Erik Halstead on Tigard Transportation panel says "Trimet has an ultimatum"

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Jason McHuff said...

He should instead focus on the problem instead of the symptoms by getting together with others (e.g. OPAL, David Bragdon, other cities like Sherwood and Tualatin) and trying to get the TriMet board to be appointed by Metro instead of the Governor and Legislature. His former mayor is now a Metro Councillor and I think could be trusted to advocate for good transit for the citizens of Tigard.

Tigard having its own transit service would be problematic in that Washington Square is wholly within Tigard and payroll tax funds generated there could not be used to help fund service to Portland or Beaverton. Moreover, it could mean the end of through service on Lines 12, 45, 76, 78, etc and separate fares and schedules for Tigard.