Friday, December 11, 2015

Trimet "Deacon in Blue"

Portland's Transit Mall on 5th and 6th Avenues downtown are a mess these days. For decades they've been a hub of our transit system. North-going buses, light rail and streetcars use 6th, and southbound is on 5th. But the signage instructing motorists is horrible at best.
Why has there been so few publicized safety assessments of the transit mall, with suggestions as to how to fix the many problems?
Most likely, it's easily summed up by our city leaders by the age-old excuse: we don't have the money. Bullshit.
Why does local law enforcement turn a blind eye to blatant traffic rule violations on the transit mall?
We just spent $1.5 billion on a seven-mile new light-rail line without safety features designed to keep intending passengers from walking directly in front of approaching trains at its southern-most terminus. The transit agency was busted a few years ago for not funding its pension responsibilities, then saying it didn't have enough money to meet its obligations.
 If leadership had truly innovative and creative minds, it would have long ago improved the "culture of safety" it spouts at every media opportunity. It would prove a commitment to safety rather than giving this wonderful-sounding concept mere lip service.

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