Friday, December 18, 2015

The truth about Leonard James

This is interesting on many levels. First and foremost of course is the fact that Leonard suffered the same fate as many of us former Trimet employees have. When the Tri-met management cult decides they want to get rid of an employee they will stoop as low as they have to go to achieve that goal. They don't bother trying to fire people, they just endlessly harass their employees until they just decide to get the hell out of that purgatory.  These people running your 'beloved' transit district are bottom feeders making huge money and have shown over and over a total disregard for ethics.

Also  I have stated over and over, mostly to deaf ears, that the Tri-met management cult abuses its front-line employees because they are unhappy with the union leadership. And here we see documentary evidence to support this claim. Bruce Hansen was the leader that the  Tri-Met management cult wanted in office. And since he lost the election the Tri-met management cult has once again taken to abusing front line employees in retaliation. 

The Trimet management cult is a Ruthless, authoritarian and Stalinist cult. Maybe someday the public will wake up to this fact. The arrogance and egos of the Trimet management cult are off the chart. They are aware that they are completely unaccountable for any of their actions and operate thusly.  These are dangerous people hiding behind a veil of craftily constructed public relations propaganda

The following is being posted and directed to my beloved 
passengers who have made my life a joy.
   Rumors, rumors, rumors! 
OK here is what has happenned: since I returned from my stabbing 3 years ago, I have been systematically harrassed by the management team at the center  street garage. At onne point, the union had to get involved to stop it. As soon as the union president was voted out, it all began again. I was accused of breakibg rules I hadn't, I was followed and told, on the sly, that somoeone had a thing for getting me in trouble and was havng me followed and I was falsely accused of many things. It all had a negative affect on my mental and physical health, Immediately following the last episode I lost my temper  (somethiing so rare that I can say happens once every couple of years                ;
 but this time I was totally out of control) and had to be taken  ot of service siince I was too angry to drive. This was immediately followed by my comiing down with a bout of pneummonia that put me down for 3 weeks.

 I finally decided that the garbage was not worth my health and I decided to retire. Still in my sick bed, a friend drove me down to the Tri-Met offices and I handed in my papers.
I want to tell you that you have been the joy of my life. You all made me so happy that I was often astounded by the joy I found with you.I never expected that I would feel so loved, cared for and valued. Many of you would ask me why I was so happy and cheerful all the time and the answer is
 that the secet of my cheerfulness is you.
   My God, the hugs and kisses, the surprise gifts, the contact, the conversations, the laughter we could I not look forward to coming to work every day? You are magic! I could cry. I never dreamed that I could be so happy and it has been all because of you. You gave me the love I had looked for all my life. You shared yourselves with me, you trusted me  with your most secret histories and you allowed me to be myself. Not onlydid you accept my eccentricities, you celebrated them. How could I not love you back? Acceptance: that is a great gift to give a person. I love you, love you, love you ! I have many of your phone numbers and am looking forward to getting tgeother with you, now that I have more time Thank you all so much for the love and  support. I hope we don't lose touch. From time to time  I  will ride the bus to catch up with some of you.
   I want to thank all the dispatchers, road supervisors and station ageents who always let me know that they had my back, especially Ed who concerned himself with making sure my health was being taken care of. What a station agent !

   Hugs to you all,
   And Merry Christmas

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