Friday, December 25, 2015

Trimet year in review-June 2015

Readership on this blogs waxes and wanes depending on what's going on. On average this blog gets between 400-600 views a day, which is not bad for a counter culture blog dealing with a topic that most people could care less about. But when something is happening which mainstream media is ignoring and  this is the only place to get information blog readership zooms to 1000-3000 day. This last June was one of the biggest readership months ever here. And that was due to the ATU757 election.

Issues surrounding the character of Dan Martin

Class action update

The "Heintzman/Hunt" phobia

I want to hear Bruce Hansen say this right now

Bruce Hansen-explain this contract clause

Trimet fail

Bruce Hansen has to go by Ron Heintzman

What TriMet could do

Trimet's Liar in chief-Roberta Altstadt-UPDATED

Some typical Trimet bullshit

Did Dan Martin violate section 504 of the The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act?

Shirley Block on the recent revelations about Dan Martin

Dan Martin's Past comes back to bite him

Issues surrounding the candidacy of Anna Hicks-updated

Trimet needs bus drivers!

Update to the Dan Martin Story

The media continues asking Trimet for more information about Dan Martin

Dan Martin saga continues


RANTINGS OF A FORMER TRIMET BUS DRIVER: Trimet's case against Lane Jensen has been dismissed

Trimet is a cash machine

RE:The possible election of Dan Martin

Shirley Block is the new president of ATU757

Full ATU757 election results

Three Trimet hacks who are not happy tonight

Trimet bus 4 incident with bicyclist

Cameron Johnson bus service analysis

Trimet bus driver assaulted


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