Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stedmen speaks to the contract

This testimony pretty much lets us know that Trimet won't be coming after our medical benefits this time around.

But he does say that Trimet will take a 'more incremental' approach in the future. In other words they will be back.

Two consecutive losses for union employees have hurt. My pension was cut 20% because of those givebacks. And that's not including any medical services which if I needed them, would also come out of my puny pension now. We retired with the best medical. Now we got standard insurance

Many of us retired thinking our medical would be payed.  Guess what? We got screwed big time. The same kind of screwing the Greeks got. Mainstream media refused to cover it. Mainstream media has been doing a hatchet job on Trimet union employees for close to a decade now.

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