Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Move to break up ATU757

There is currently a petition circulating which will  break up   ATU757 into 2 different properties.

 One property will be for Trimet union employees  and the other property will be for the remaining ATU 757  properties.

I will update as events warrant


Jason McHuff said...

According to a Willamette Week article, Jay Frye looked into doing it back when:
Meanwhile Frye, the former third-place candidate, has formed a committee to explore whether Tri-Met's employees can pull out of Local 757 altogether. "I want a union where there's a democracy, where more people are involved, and where meetings are not so vile," he said.

Al M said...

This time it looks like the movement has legs

Chris Day said...

For ATU757 to be so spread thin and having to maintain over 25 contracts it makes it difficult for ATU757 officers to maintain the focus needed for each property. ATU757 travels to locations such as Tillamook, Walla Walla, Corvallis, Eugene, Salem, Vancouver, Bend and Medford every month. Having so many properties in such a large area makes it difficult for the ATU757 give the attention that each property is in need of. Oregon has only one ATU local that covers all of Oregon and parts of Washington while Washington has 8 locals. Something is in need to take place to help assure that the properties are receiving the attention each of them are in need of.