Monday, November 28, 2016

Trimet's Randy Stedmen makes " Jobs with Justice" Scrooge of the year

 And Stedmen  beat out the guy from Wells Fargo so you know he's REALLY REALLY bad.
This is the kind of people that Trimet's evil leader, Neil Mcfarlane, hire to deal with the employees, you know, the people doing the work.
So, good people, get out of your mind that there is any sort of "benevolent" management at The Trimet transportation system. 
The company is run by a gang of greedy technocrats that despise their employees and hold the public in contempt.
2. Randy Stedman, Trimet Director of Labor Relations: Before taking his current job at Trimet, Stedman cut his teeth as a union buster at Mt. Hood Community College. Since moving to Trimet he has run a campaign to expand "management rights" and a unilateral, top-down management culture at Trimet. He has vigorously fought ATU Local 757 on reasonable grievances, has negotiated in bad faith, and has consistently frustrated union access to the workplace.

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