Saturday, November 26, 2016

Unusual Trimet service alerts

Entertaining service alerts sent to on duty buses 

#16 Line 16 there is a train blocking Naito use detour Item # 113 until further notice.

#15 Line 15 - When Downtown - you may make temporary stops along morrison across from max platforms. Thanks.

#15 #16 #17 #20 #51 #77 PLEASE START your Macy's Day Parade reroutes. Thanks and have a FANTASTIC DAY!!! :)

#32 #33 #34 #79 Lines 32, 33 34 & 79 the short term stop closure in your pouches for stop northbound McLoughlin at the Oregon City Shopping Center (#3842) states to direct customer to the stop before or after - hopefully you have noticed that there IS a temporary stop 100 ft south of the regular route stop - if not plz do notice it.

#29 #30 #79 UPDATE Lines 30 & 79 - due to high speed chase ending in injury crash and subject at gun point at 82nd and Drive & Hwy 212/224 eastbound and southbound traffic at this intersection are shut down... also westbound for line 30 - Line 29 should be regular route in both directions per last northbound 29th as of 11:51.

#29 #30 #79 Lines 29, 30 & 79 - due to high speed chase ending in injury crash and subject at gun point at 82nd and Drive & Hwy 212/224 eastbound and southbound traffic at this intersection are shut down... also westbound for line 30 - call for detour until one can be sent out plz.

#19 Line 19 there is a clear plastic bag tied closed with an unknown white powder at the westbound Duke & 81st stop - porbably flour but police will check on it eventually.

#6 Line 6- Please use caution on Grand and Clay due to a stalled car in the the second lane over.

#8 Line 8 northbound. Regular route to 15th and Holman, left Holman, right DUrham, left Dekum and regular route Until clear.
#8 Line 8 southbound. Regular route to Dekum and Durham, veer right Durham, left Holman, right 15th and regular route until further notice.
[Holman at Durham was closed and turned into a park]

#15 If the right lane is closed, buses are not serving the stop on SW Washington at Broadway. Use stop at 5th or 9th.

#35 #85 Lines 35 & 85 northbound ONLY rertoued: Regular route to Interstate and Larabee, right Larabee, right Broadway, left Williams, left Going - line 35 left Greeley-- line 85 continue Going onto Swan Island.

#4 #6 #10 #14 #15 #30 UPDATE for lines - 4th,6th, 10th, 14th, 15th - regular route across Hawthorne -- If you encounter a large walking group of protesters blocking any part of any route, HOLD AND WAIT UNTIL THEY CLEAR. send route blocked messages plz.

#4 #6 #10 #14 #15 #30 UPDATE for lines 4,6, 10, 14, 15 - due to a large group of protesters on the move - presently eastbound on Madison the wrong way - if you encounter this group, HOLD AND WAIT.

#35 #85 Lines 35 & 85 a homeless tent on fire has been reported to 911 off of Interstate on the north side of the Broadway Bridge - use caution in approaching this are incase fire is blocking.

#12 #19 Lines 12 & 19 detour: Regular route to Burnside and MLK, veer left Morrison bridge approach, right I-5 northbound entrance, right I-405, right Ross Island bridge exit and regular route.

#54 #56 Until further notice line 54, 56 regular route to Capitol and Terwilliger. right Terwilliger right Barbur right Bertha left BHH and hold for your time outbound.

#15 #77 Line 15, 77. Due to prostesters, stay safe, if you get prostesters in the way, secure bus and keep doors shut, wait for them to move. When safe go ahead and leave the area. Dont move if you cant tell where peds are around you.

#4 #44 #75 New stop 13877 (N Lombard at St. Louis) is temporarily missing from TransitTracker.  To get an idea of when your bus will come use Stop ID 8480.

#70 Line 70 southbound ONLY, please stay off of 17th ave From Ochoco onward due to City Of Milwaukie Request. Even if it looks open please stay off 17th ave.

#47 #52 #67 Lines 52, 47 & 67 please use your PCC ROCK CREEK CLOSED CAMPUS detour, PLEASE DO NO DROP OFF ANY ONE NEAR THE CAMPUS.

#33 #152 Line 33 and 152 Train is blocking at 224th and Harrison and 37 Milwaukie market place area. Look in your pouch for train detour, and go on it until further notice.

#70 Line 70 there is an accident around 11th and Grant please follow the below detour: regular route 11 and Grant right Grant left 10th left Sherman right 11th and regular route until clear. Thank you!

#17 Line 17 on the detour when you make that left turn FROM 30th onto Anisworth there is a car parked in front of the church, it is in a good parking spot so there is nothing we can do please use caution and set yourself up for that turn.

#32 Line 32 there is construction on Jackson in OC between 12th & 16th with "Road Closed" signs - go around the sign and the crew will bump buses through. UNTIL NOON.

#57 Line 57 due to a lot of traffic going TO Beaverton Transit Center it is OK to leave Hillsboro Transit Center TO Beaverton Transit Center up to but not more than 3 min early. Once you get to the Brookwood time point and still early please hold for your time there. This is only for the next hour (Ends at 9:18)

#77 Line 77 please continue the detour using 45th between Broadway and Halsey that was suppose to end yesterday but the work is not done - should be clear after 5 pm - until further notice.

#77 Line 77 please continue the detour the work is NOT completed as of now UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

#152 Line 152 market place - to enter market - TURN before chevron - and USE EXTREME CAUTION DUE TO TRICK and TREATERS.

#19 LINE 19 - there's a Halloween Parade blocking Milwaukie Ave - please use 17th Ave between Bybee & either Ellis or Reedway - whichever LOOKS passable. Supers heading that way to check for best routing.

#19 Line 19 there is a gas leak in the area of 22nd and Glisan. that is the reason for the detour Please watch for passengers trying to adjust to the detour Thank you!

Both A and B-Loop service blocked on the Broadway Bridge due to a collision. Riders should take the Loops over the Tilikum Crossing to their destination.

#15 Line 15 if you have a paper short term detour for NW 23rd do not use it plz... the street was opened yesterday - Line 15 is Regular route.

#15 Update at 10:20AM (WAS A TYPO) Line 15 back to regular route on NW 23rd ave.

#12 #19 #20 Lines 12,19,20 - Delay at burnside bridge due to Run today - please have patience - and you will get bumped thru.

#44 Line 44 to St. Johns Regular route to Capitol and Terwilliger right Terwilliger left Barbur into 4th left Mill right 6th and regular route DO Not service any bus stops on barbur between (slavin hill)capitol hwy and lane due to the run.

#14 #15 #17 #54 #56 Just a REMINDER - Start your detour for the Run Like Hell Marathon.

#16 Line 16 to Sauvie Island - We are going to shortline you to St. Johns due to traffic into pumpkin patch. Regular route to Ivanhoe and Baltimore right Baltimore drop off at corner & direct passengers across st to stop at wishing well eastbound then left Lombard to pier park to layover for time.

#96 LINE 96 to Portland: please use the I-5 blockage detour in your pouch via Barbur into town.

#46 LINE 46 - due to a GAS LEAK near Fairplex Station please bypass that station both directions & stay on Cornell. (do NOT run early)

#33 Line 33 regarding the detour for the Linn construction - "As Needed" reads as: if your are blocked use the detour - no need to call each time so as to save each of you as much time as is possible.

#33 Line 33 - in regards to the construction on Linn the construction workers have moved the north end flagger to 5th & Jackson so if buses are significantly delayed you will be able to use the detour - -plz call before doing the detour however... it is still a case by case matter.

#12 Line 12 back to regular route. It might be slow for tow trucks but you can get through.

#35 Line 35: Due to flooding on Macadam and Nebraska please go very, very slow.

#6 LINE 6 to Jantzen Beach: CANCEL detour - 4TH is CLEAR for the moment. (Protest)

#33 Back to regular route on Harrison in Milwaukie... for now...

#15 Line 15 westbound. At Stark and 82nd there are cones blocking, but watch for flagger to open them and let you thru. Regular route on Stark.

#15 Line 15 eastbound. Washington at 82nd back to regular route. Flaggers will let buses ONLY thru the construction sight.

#15 Line 15 to Gateway: on detour 80-92 Line 15 to Mont. Park and Thurman: Regular route to Stark and 92nd then left 92nd, right Yamhill, right 80th, left Stark and regular route WATCH FOR ONCOMING BUS TRAFFIC!!!

#21 Line 21 - the Eastbound stop at Boeing (#9811) is closed All Days and All Hours thru Friday. Paper should be in your pouches regarding this tomorrow.

#15 Please start your Portland Marathon detour Main street has been closed off earlier than planned.

#44 Line 44 To Pier Park- 5mph slow order at Rosa Parks and Denver westbound, due to signal line hanging low. Buses can get through but do not exceed 5mph slow order, until clear.

#16 Line 16-The train has cleared, back to regular route, for now :)

#32 #33 #99 Your detour for the homecoming parade is in effect from 4:45 thru 7:15.

#8 Line 8 detoured: Shortline regular route to 5th and College right Hall and layover for time 6th ave a shuttle bus will run service up the hill to OHSU make good annoucements to your passengers until further notice.

#8 #68 Lines 8 and 68 accident blocking 6th and Sheridan may need to use 4th more to get it when we get a detour.

#35 #36 #44 #54 #56 Lines 35, 36, 44, 54, 56 your stop at 6th and Washington is now reopened. If buses are the 2nd bus back stop behind the cone until the front spot is open.

#73 Line 73 is detoured southbound ONLY: Regular route to 122nd and Burnside, right Burnside left 117th, left Stark, right 122nd & regular route until further notice - call when clear for supervisor to verify plz.

#71 UPDATE Line 71 southbound: Regular route. At 58th & Lincoln, maneuver around Road Closed sign, watch for flaggers to bump you through. Line 71 northbound: Regular route to 52nd & Division, right Division, left 60th to Lincoln & regular route until further notice

#33 #70 #75 LINE 33, 70 & 75 please stay on your detour in Milwaukei Transit Center. the streets are NOT clear yet.

#6 #72 Line 72 and Line 6 southbound at MLK and Killingsworth - Auto accident blocking stop - USE CAUTION.

#70 Line 70-Please start your Sunday Parkways detour now, they have already closed streets.

#76 20:59 detour line 76 to Meridian Park.. Regular route to Durham and upper boones right Upper Boones left Bridgeport Road right 72nd and regular route- amke sure to announce the area that will be missed...Thanks.

#15 #77 LINES 15 & 77 - please read & follow the detour at Montgomery Park thru the end of the week.

MAX Blue, Green and Red lines delayed up to 20 minutes through 12 p.m. due to object on tracks.

#35 Line 35 The detour at MOODY is in Effect. 21:28.

#8 #66 #68 Please use caution heading down campus drive due to a disabled vehicle on the blind curve.

#77 Line 77 eastbound: regular route to Thurman & 22nd, right 22nd, left Overton, right 21st & regular route(Be sure to set up for the turn onto 22nd from Thurman.) All hours, through Friday.

#77 line 77 the Steel br is opened eastbound until 10pm, Your detour is misprinted at 5pm. Use the bridge until 10pm.

#33 Line 33 to Oregon city Back to Regular route - on 5th PLEASE STAY OFF FRESH PAINTED WHITE LINES. Thank you :)

#47 #48 #57 Lines 47, 48, 57 please use your detour in Hillsboro until clear.

#77 Line 77 you SHOULD be on detour 21 and Raleigh area.

#12 #19 #20 LINES 12,19,20 - the "stop closure" sign at 5th and westBurnside eastbound is for Saturday. Please service the stop today (Friday)

#8 Line 8 there might be a blocking accident near the Winc and MLK layover, supervisor on the way to check it out.

#75 Line 75: Please use caution in the area of 42nd and Westeria. There's a blockage, but the buses can get through. Use slow order 10 mph in the area.

#1 #54 #56 LINES 1,54,56: the stop on Broadway at Burnside is CLOSED until Futher notice. NO temporary POSTED. You can layover there but do not service the stop.

#35 Line 35. There are cars parked illegally on Van Houten. Please look before you turn. detour if you need to.

#17 #77 Line 17,77-The service stop at Broadway and 12th is now open for service - if there are still stop closure signs plz ignore them... a supervisor will be by eventually to take them down... thanx.

#45 Line 45 please stay on detour in the Walnut and 121st area. It might appear to be clear but it is not. Thank you.

#15 Line 15 back to regular route in the timber area.

#76 #78 Lines 76 & 78 please go back to the printed detour going to Beaverton Transit Center from Hall and 5th thank you.

#8 Line 8 the stop on Gaines at 6th will be closed until 3:00pm today. At this time no temporary stop has been put in place. A supervisor is making his way up there to put a sign on it.

#4 #6 #10 #14 Buses that go by Grand and Hawthorne use caution as there are lots of pedestrians in the area due to an evacuation of building for a fire.

#4 Line 4 - 82 and Division temporary stop is closed - Today only use regular route stop until clear.

#4 #44 Just.

#75 Line 75 Please use your train blockage detour in Milwaukie Item # 122 on your hard copy.

#19 Line 19. Due to the Traffic problems on couch, please remember to take some breaks at the end of lines and do the best you can. IF you see your follower, let us know.

#32 Line 32 to CCC leaving Oregon City Transit Center Regular route to Main and 14th then right 14th, right Washington and regular route.. then do the other 2nd reroutes on CAD.

#72 Line 72: Please watch those time points. With the detour, you may have to Burnside down some time. Thx.

#20 LINE 20 to GRESHAM: use caution approaching the temporary stop at 82nd. The new asphalt has dropped about 4th"!

#32 Line 32, Stay on your detour Buses going to Clackamas Comm college, If the road closure sign is blocking at John Adams and 15th the construction crew will wave you through.

#17 Line 17 if you do not have your Concordia Night out detour please send a RTT.

#33 Line 33 there is a train going back and forth blocking Harrison at 25th in Milwaukie - we are working to see if any of the other streets will be viable for a detour.

#19 Line 19 during the detour using 17th plz look for customers at Bybee and 17th & Yukon and Milwaukie in both directions... these are the locations the area supervisor is directing them... thanx.

#19 Line 19 regarding the detour IF Yukon is not passable plz report to dispatch so we can adjust to another street - supervisor is in the area checking out alternatives if needed.

#19 #72 Lines 19,72: Please watch for passengers along the detour Please pick them up if safe to do so. Also, deboard passengers in any area that is safe to do so. thanks.

#9 #17 (not sure this msg went out) Lines 9 & 17 - back to Regular route crossing the Tilicum BOTH directions.

#72 Line 72 there is a working auto collision southbound 82nd and Fremont that should be nearing clean up blocking - 911 on scene will assist getting thru if it is still there when you arrive.

#14 Line 14 there is a police vehicle at 6th and Main blocking. The police officer stating that he will move his vehicle so the bus can be bumped through to stay on regular route.

#78 UPDATE-Line 78 to Beaverton Transit Center-Back to regular route right at SW Beveland and 69th, you can go around the barricade and watch to be flagged through at 72nd, for your left turn.

#35 Line 35 back to regular route BOTH directions. outbound BUSES at Riverside and Riverdale you will be bumped through the scene. Please watch for the flares on the road and do not run them over.

#99 Line 99 is detoured to help out with Orage Line Bus Bridge picking up people at 21st and Washington in Milwaukie: Regular route right to McLoughlin & Washington, right Washington, left 21st, left Harrison, right McLoughlin and regular route until further notice.

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