Tuesday, November 8, 2016

More stupidity

They couldn't let these people get home and told not to take the wagon in the future?


Steve Fung said...

That is just awful treatment to the passengers.

Jason McHuff said...

I believe they may have been told before that the wagon was not allowed. I don't have a link, but I'm recalling a call about a wagon which may have been on Line 33.

Al M said...

I think it was the max actually I remember that call

Still stupid and uncalled for

Chris Day said...

Grocery shopping with TriMet your mode of transportation is a very difficult thing. TriMet is not designed for those who wish to buy and transport a month’s worth of groceries. TriMet busses are not designed to handle things like wagons and other large items that can become very dangerous during an emergency type of situation. If an emergency took place and by chance that wagon somehow ended up blocking the aisle or tripping someone and prevented or slowed down others from being able to evacuate the bus who would be held responsible if anyone was to get hurt?