Sunday, November 27, 2016

The shit that Trimet bus drivers have to put up with

I've been fascinated by the lives of public transit drivers and riders for over a decade now. 
It's my opinion that USA public transportation operates inhumanely, for the riding public and the people that deliver the service.

This incident that I am discussing in the video below illustrates some of the brutality of American public transportation and Trimet specifically

If I had my way I would halt all expansions of Public transit across this country until they find a way to deliver the service without torturing the riding public or the people doing the work. 

The technocracy that runs Trimet (public transportation)  is responsible for these inhmane working conditions.
Unions have become impotent in stopping this brutality.

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Deke N Blue said...

"10 more minutes!"

HENRY IS RIGHT!!! WTF?!? I would have told them no damn way. That dispatcher isn't very professional to insist he only take a few more minutes. He should have been driven back to the garage, told to take a few days off PAID, and recover.

"Safety is Our Goal" is purely corporate doublespeak. They have been hiring so many drivers they've been splitting good full time runs to give them to mini-runners, instituting more and more splits, and basically screwing us. They certainly have enough drivers to give that poor guy, and others who experience all the crap we go through, time off to recover. Without this recovery time, we are UNABLE to safely operate a 20-ton, 42-foot-long, 11.5' tall, 9.5' wide beast through these narrow, dark streets.

This is UNACCEPTABLE! Thanks for posting this, brother!