Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitten rides the bus

4-month old kitten (not a service animal, hence the "pet taxi" - the cat is inside for your safety!) on my #62 home.

BTC bike&ride. 2 inside 5 outside



So far I have been overruled in the previous 3 safety requests
Line-bus 1792-Going to end of line at-Direction of travel-West-Street & Cross Street-n/a-Bus stop-ID/location-n/a-Other Location-n/a-Time(s) of day-night-Day(s) of week-all
Please describe your safety concern
This bus has constant internal lighting which blinds me when I am in very dark conditions.
Please describe your suggested remedy/solution
Change the forward lighting from from fluorescent white to dim red.

Mom accused of punching toddler son on Boston bus

Senator Merkely is one of the few that said no

Call his office and express your support: Senator Jeff Merkley: (202) 224-3753

Bruce Hansen wonders..............

Why is it when a driver see's a stop unsafe to service they send out a supervisor to look at it? The supervisor looks for a sec and declares is safe. Hmmmm who would know best ( not the driver who goes past the stop all day but someone who looks at it for only a min). And this is why we don't care!!!!


8/2/11 on Vimeo

Keith Olbermann's Debt Ceiling Special Comment

This is re-posted due to technical error:

Keith Olbermann's Debt Ceiling Special Comment: 'Our Government Has Now Given Up The Concept Of Right And Wrong' (VIDEO)

The men of the WES

The life and times of Thomas Truex-Bus Driver

Thomas Truex harbored a simple ambition, his relatives said: to treat the Earth kindly enough that no one would notice when he left it.
Mr. Truex's route. His body was discovered in his bus, which had been idling, unchecked, for hours at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
“He wanted to leave no footprint,” his nephew William Wendt Jr. said.
Mr. Truex nearly got his wish.

Yubi Key gets Trimet security contract

YubiKey Replaces Legacy Authentication Solution at Oregon Transit Agency -- PALO ALTO, Calif. and STOCKHOLM, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Corruption in Wilsonville

Cynthia Thompson, a contract consultant and former city employee who directs Wilsonville's transit agency, speaks during a 2010 event. Thompson's Portland-based firm has won $1.37 million in unsolicited contracts from the city since 2007.

No-bid contract stinker in Wilsonville (Jack Bog's Blog)

It's a wonderful world (no it isn't)

AT least 50 passengers were killed on Tuesday along Zaraki-Kabaa Junction, Okene-Lokoja Road, when a truck ran over them where they were lying face down in obedience to the order of some armed bandits who had earlier forced them out of the luxury bus in which they were travelling to Abuja.


Round up of fall service changes

They have added a bunch of trips, looks to me around 12 one way trips. But I know for a fact that they have eliminated trips, but they don't show that on this update. There was one trip eliminated on the 58 that is not listed as such. So I wonder how many trips were eliminated so they could increase the other trips? As usual the facts are not really the facts, no surprise of course, its the Trimet way.

TriMet: Fall Service Change 2011 Summary

Transit arbitrators stir controversy in overruling transit district incompetence

Sacked MBTA punks back on the job -

Metro in

I am a bit confused, it doesn't say "Temp", so who knows.

Apply quickly tho, the timeframes are fairly short and quick!

Forget light rail

Magnetic gliding pods that could be transit of the future being worked on in Mountain View |

Worried about Safety at Trimet?

Muni Is Shelling Out $32.8 Million on Collisions - San Francisco News - The Snitch

Monday Morning Layover at Rock Creek

The cana and and the other flowers look great.I wonder why the Learning Garden is allowed to be fallow this year.

The criminals in charge of our government

The 4,000 furloughed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) workers and 90,000 workers on airport construction projects stalled by the Republican shutdown of the FAA are worrying about how they will pay their bills in the coming weeks.

But the only worry House Republicans have is how they are going to spend their six-week summer vacation. House Republicans leaders adjourned the House last night until Sept. 7 without taking action on reauthorizing an FAA bill so the agency—shutdown since July 22—could reopen and construction funds move down the pipeline again.

Trimet improves its pass structure

A step in the right direction for sure!