Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dimitrie Orlov lecture on collapse

Listen to the lecture here!

"White" city

Jack Bogdanski commentary

Hall of Cluelessness (Jack Bog's Blog)
Transit mall bricks: The mystery continues (Jack Bog's Blog)

Would you say this is getting out of control?


Where's Muammar?
Gaddafi's Murder and International Law
Muammar Gaddafi's Last Moments - He is dragged to a truck and killed.

US Government Supports Protesters Abroad and Jails Them at Home

Crazy asian on the max dancing

(Not my movie managers)

Hybrid transit buses

"Mini" Hybrid

"Real" Hybrid

Nation's transit systems in peril

Bus Dog!

Corgi Dressed as M23 Bus Wins Halloween Dog Parade - WNYC Culture

Lift bus driver intentionally rams Hells Angel

I-580 reopens after bus driver arrested for intentionally ramming, killing Hells Angel biker - San Jose Mercury News


Bus driver stabbed by passenger in Newark |

4 car MAX train!


NPR Gets Radio Host Fired for Occupying | War Is A Crime .org

PDX Transport Blog (Jim Karlock)

What are they hiding?

The fact that David Evans & Associates has filed a lawsuit to block the residents of Vancouver from gaining access under the Freedom of Information Act to the records pertaining to the $30 million in Columbia River Crossing funds that the firm has been paid has left me feeling really uneasy. An Oct. 11 story reported “CRC consultant sues to stop release of records.” What untoward thing do they have to hide?

My mind wonders about these records since our Mayor Tim Leavitt works for PBS Engineering as an engineer and his firm is associated with TriMet projects including their contract for light-rail cars, and David Evans & Associates has been contracted for light-rail projects for TriMet as well. This issue begs for a complete investigation before another step is made.

Barbara Cunningham


The worst Trimet riders


I'm surprised they didn't just leave it till Monday, Like the vomit in the elevator at the Hollywood Transit Center

Underemployed And Hating Life