Thursday, January 30, 2014

PENNY LANE case coming to a theater near us

Penny Lane
SO, my court date is on February 6th at 9:15... if you wanna come.
room 3000 on the third floor, 1900 SW 4th Ave.
( I was sent the entire report and Ali Farah said "Rachal Falls was on board train at Washington Park when contacted. Rachal Falls showed valid pass but continues to disrupt my job. Rachal Falls asked why TriMet bother people who work hard and make their life harder. I told Rachal Falls that I am doing my job. However, Rachal Falls was very aggressive and used inappropriate language. I asked to provide her ID and she refused. I called for police assistance and police arrived at Kings Hill."

That's a complete lie. I was NOT aggressive, I did NOT use "inappropriate language". He just made it 100 times easier to win my case, considering I have all of it on video.

And people are siding with a liar. HA-HA-HA.


Al M said...

I agree that she did NOT use offensive language nor was she aggressive. The video shows it all

Al M said...

And I am planning on being there to report on the hearing. As stated previously there is precedent against free speech.

Anonymous said...

Illegal to audio record unless you informed the inspector you were recording him. Good luck

Anonymous said...

there is no expectation of privacy in a public setting, the audio recording will be admitted. this is the same reason that police do not have to inform you of your being recorded unless they are in your private residence, etc. (And also how TriMet "gets away" with audio recording on board buses...)

Anonymous said...

Yeahhhh, unless there was more than what was shown in the video, there was nothing aggressive about what she did. Mildly uncomfortable, maybe. You could make the argument that it's obnoxious to have a passenger complaining when he was doing his job, HOWEVER he could've just directed her to call customer service or contact the TriMet board if she had a problem with a TriMet policy that he was carrying out ("I'm sorry you feel that way ma'am, but I am following TriMet code, here's the number for customer service if you want to make a suggestion about changing how fares are checked"). Escalating to the police was COMPLETELY unnecessary, no passengers or employee were in any danger or threat from her actions AND we established she had valid fare. You DO NOT involve the cops just because someone is being mildly annoying.

Anonymous said...

So... This mensa candidate Rachel is losing a days pay from work due to her mouth writing checks she can't cash... Gotta love the entitlement behavior these days...

Al M said...

No, she is losing a days pay due to the inspectors thin skin and his abuse of governmental authority.

It always surprises me how many front line Trimet employees don't know how to ignore certain members of the public. All he had to do was ignore her, she produced valid fare.

The exclusion is 100% unjustifiable

Penny Lane said...

First of all, I would like to state that it's NOT illegal to audio record, especially not on a public TriMet Max.

Second of all, how is my "mouth writing checks that it can't cash?"
I HAVE ALL OF THE PROOF! Not only do I have proof that the TriMet exclusion was an unnecessary action, BUT I ALSO have proof that this guy completely did anything he could to ban me from the Max... including LYING!! You're super ignorant to the world, pal. If you STILL think this guy is in the right for doing what he did, then I don't even know what to say to you. You have the proof right in front of your face, and for some reason, you are STILL thinking that what I did was wrong. I'm not a coward like a lot of Americans. Americans now days don't know how to use their voices. Sure, I probably won't change anything... AT THE MOMENT. But you know what I'll do?? I'll spread the word. WORD OF MOUTH is a great power that humans have. I'm not seeking attention. I'm not trying to bother people. I'm just trying to make people AWARE.

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither"

-Benjamin Franklin

You should really think about those words. We are HANDING over our freedoms every single day... FOR WHAT? A little security? We're letting the Nazi's take away our rights... and not only are we LETTING them take away our rights, but we are BEGGING for them to take away our rights.
That's not what life is about. EVERYONE in the world should have the right to do as they please, HOW they please, WHEN they please. OF COURSE, you shouldn't go out killing people. But that's just common sense!

I believe that if we all put our heads together, then we can change the world. Some people don't agree with that. Some people have the mentality of "Oh, there's nothing I can do..."
BUT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING! Inform people! Educate people. It's that very mindset to blame WHY the world is the way it is.

Just give it a thought for one second of your life. I bet you never have.

Al M said...

BUT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING! Inform people! Educate people. It's that very mindset to blame WHY the world is the way it is.

100% agreed!

Don't let these disparaging comments bother you. I've been blogging for years now and in all situations you will have people defending the status quo and lacking any logical argument to support that they resort to personal attacks. Every time you are the target of a personal attack you know you're winning the argument

Penny Lane said...

I totally agree. Thanks for helping me spread the word :)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the video shows Rachel being the aggressor. First of all she pulls out her camera and starts recording before anything happens at all. Because she wants to get the inspector to do something on camera he will regret by being belligerent. The video shows the inspector being respectful and Rachel being extremely disrespectful. This Is not good for Rachel. She seems concerned over other working people, but tried to prevent the inspector from doing his work. She says he is harassing everyone by asking for proof of fare. If this is Rachel idea of harassment, she has a very easy life. There is nothing in the Constitution that says he cannot ask for her ID. At 21 and the bouncer asks for my ID to get in the club. Do I act like Rachel and tell him he should be ashamed of himself, and I know my constitutional rights. And then tell him he works for me.
What she did is far more harassing than anything Lane Jensen could do. And we all know how that turned out.

Anonymous said...

Why is Rachel calling Americans cowards. She pulls out a camera, starts recording, then attacks someone just trying to do his job. This to me is very cowardly. And just ignoring her would be even more cowardly. What country do you think you can move to where they are not cowards? And why not move there? Rachel seems to know all her constitutional rights, but for some reason does not know what the word Excluded means. I missed the part of the Constitution where we have the right to harass.
We Americans need to stop putting up with people that have the entitlement disease. Why can't we go to work and let others do their work?
If you ride Tri-Met, they have the right to ask for payment. Its not free. Just like any place of business they have the right to get paid. If you harass they have the right to exclude you. I don't know why someone would think this is good behavior. There are still a lot of fare evaders, I don't know why Rachel condones this.

Penny Lane said...

you're damn right that I have the entitlement disease... we ALL should have the "entitlement disease"!! We are ALL ENTITLED RIGHTS!! Some people should just choose to use them. AND you, sir... or ma'am... are INCORRECT! If you have done NOTHING, then NO ONE has the right to see what your identity is. Looks like YOU need to do more homework. You obviously don't know your rights, and one day, it just may catch up to you. You can't COMPARE a bouncer asking you for your ID to an "authority figure" asking for your ID. That's just an ignorant analogy.

The main thing NOW is that he LIED. There was no "inappropriate language". You're just looking past what is right in front of your face. But continue to do so. It's your life, so I don't care. You're not the judge.

Hell, you can't even spell my name correctly when it's written right in front of your face! It's RACHAL, not RACHEL. hahaha.

And honestly, you just PROVED my point of the word "coward", while you're hiding behind the comforts of your computer screen using an anonymous comment system. Haha, that's how COWARD you're being.

Thanks for proving me correct!

Penny Lane said...

and the police DO WORK FOR US!!! hahaha you people aren't understanding that WE pay their salaries when WE pay taxes!! Are you seriously THAT ignorant??! WOW! Police "SERVICE THE PEOPLE". With a slogan like that, that means that THEY work for US.

Geez, people.

Penny Lane said...

and for the record, I was NOT video recording him BEFORE anything was said. I was actually using my phone, and happened to have it in my hand at the time. If you actually watched the video, I was in the middle of speaking to him when I turned the camera on. I asked him "why are you hassling people?" and he asked for my ID THEN I turned my camera on.
Another strike for you, pal.

Anonymous said...

that WE pay their salaries when WE pay taxes!!

That doesn't mean that you can order them around. If you committed a crime (not saying you did here), you can't order them not to arrest or punish you.

I asked him "why are you hassling people?"

Why did you ask that? Checking to see if people on board a train have the required fare is not "hassling", and this type of fare enforcement (as opposed to checking on entry) is done around the world.

Not saying what he did was necessarily correct (I like the potential response mentioned in the 5th comment), but I'm not sure you're completely innocent here. And other riders do deserve a calm, civil ride.

Al M said...

Look this case against her is bullshit, she expressed herself and the inspector misused his authority.

You don't need a PhD in philosophy to see the fare inspector is bullshit here

Anonymous said...

You know what this sort of reminds me of. The dumbass bus driver who refused to give that guy a transfer because he as 50 cents short on his fare. She abused her authority and she got the shit kicked out of her.

Did you see Penny Lane kicking the shit out of anybody?

Anonymous said...

I'm not writing this to harass Rachal nor get her to start screaming at me, just give my educated opinion since I have contact with those in this area of expertise with regards to fares. I use the anonymous feature because with the current issues the employees are facing with TM mgmt, they may say retaliation is against the never know. Not because I am weak or a coward. I enjoy my job with TM and want to keep it that way. Ok?

He was within his scope of authority (not "power" as you put it) to check everyone onboard for proof of fare. Everyone on Trimet property is subject to TriMet code which requires everyone to show valid proof of fare upon demand to a TM representative; be it an inspector, supervisor/operator/police officer, etc. These individuals checking fares are not "harassing" passengers when they are doing this- they are charged with doing this also per TM code. THAT DOES NOT MEAN they have to be rude/crude/offensive. Personally if you treat me with respect, I'll do the same. If you go off on me unprovoked, I'll say I'm not being disrespectful to you-please don't be to me. If you should still persist with the crappy attitude, my attitude COULD adjust to match I am not harassing you checking your fare, I am doing my job. If that bothers you, tell the boss, the worker bee doesn't make the rules.

As for asking for I.D., you are correct. In Oregon, unfortunately, you are not required to show I.D. on demand...unless your identity can't be confirmed with the information you have provided. I say unfortunately because more people lie about their information when given verbally than tell the truth. If you get looked up in the system and your description doesn't match what you have provided, then the police must be called in to require you to now show proper I.D. BUT YES, you are still right-still at this point you wouldn't have to BUTat this point 1)if the police cannot verify your verbal info on his computer or 2) he doesn't have access to it you WILL be taken to central booking to be fingerprinted to verify your identity. This is NOT meant to sound as a threat in any way; AND contrary to popular belief, just because you provide I.D. to the inspector it doesn't necessarily mean a citation in all cases. Actually the more you cooperate, have a pleasant attitude and not lie or try to dodge anything, the MORE likely you are to get a warning (and that's not just on TriMet).

The "I pay taxes and I pay your salary" argument is bogus. I pay taxes too so I pay my salary too. If you work at Freddy's their motto or mantra is also customer service so I buy I pay their salaries. The "taxes" argument is lame and outdated. Just like the "The customer is always right" mantra. Yes, it used to be and by all rights it should still be. But with so many people out there wanting to pull any con they can, the new phrase is more like "The customer is always right WITHIN REASON".

Penny, or RACHAL (with an A): which by the way, isn't that being just a bit anal, considering discussion over the REAL argument? I say again..I am really not trying to argue with you or upset you. Strictly trying to discuss another point if view. It appears though that if someone has an opinion that differs from yours then it must be wrong.

Yes, he made some mistakes. This is what your day in court is for. I know this guy and while I wasn't there so I can't defend either parties actions, he is relatively new to the department. Informing people about their rights and being proud of your right to.speak up and all that is all well and good, but it has its place and time. While you may still be found not guilty of harrasment, it is not your place to jump in the middle of something like this and disrupt their duties AND other people's rides. If you have issue, take it to TriMet management; take it to the Board meetings. They make the rules.

Anonymous said...

My apologies for the single typo in paragraph five. Regrets to RACHAL.

Anonymous said...

Wow RACHAL, you really like calling people names. You still have not told my ignorant self where in the constitution it forbids a fare inspector from asking for ID. I never said you have to give it to him. But where does it say he can't ask for it?
You say if you have done nothing then no one has the right to see what your identity is. I agree, but you are far from innocent. You are the instigator in all of this. So I have no sympathy. The Police work for all of us, not just you. So if you are yelling on the train, then the rest of us deserve to have them remove you.
So what exactly are you trying to inform the people of. Is it that bad manners should be rewarded? The only thing you seem to be informing is that you think you are the only one that matters and everyone else are just ignorant.
So please inform us what you are trying to achieve by badgering a fare inspector. I know its not the ID issue, because you attacked him before that even came up.
Is it our freedom of speech. I know they are not taking that away from you. You have the right to say whatever you want, just not on the train in a harassing manner.
Now you want to call me a coward because I post anonymous. Rachel you don't know me, And I still don't know you. I just know how you act in public. If I posted a name here does that mean you would know who I am?
Bottom line is the fare inspector was just trying to do his job. And you just wanted to prevent him from doing it by yelling, and calling him names.
It may be my constitutional right to come to your job and harass and call you names. But I was brought up with morals and manners.

Penny Lane said...

It doesn't say that he can't ask for my ID... It just says that I have the right not to give it. I don't care what you have to say.

Al M said...

Penny stop debating this here. It's not useful

Penny Lane said...

I'm sorry, I mean, I appreciate what all of you have to say. And thanks for giving me your opinions. It's a very intelligent conversation. Everything is going to be fine, and I'm just looking for a bright future. I want everyone to be happy.

Anonymous said...


If you would just hold your conversation(s) to the civility you just showed in the last post, you could make your point, get people to listen without being offended or offensive and likely persuade some change in thought.

Honey, not least at first, regardless of what Joe Schmuck did.

Just sayin....

Flatpicker John said...

well it didn't take long to fill the the open position. Out walks Lane In walks Penny.

Al M said...

How did u know that's what I was thinking!

@nonpartisantoo said...

Side note: the comment about all parties needing to know they are being recorded in Oregon is incorrect. Oregon is a state in which only one person need know about the recording.

ORS 165.540, Obtaining Contents of Communications, section 1:

(1) Except as otherwise provided in ORS 133.724 (Order for interception of communications) or 133.726 (interception of oral communication without order) or subsections (2) to (7) of this section, a person may not:
(a) Obtain or attempt to obtain the whole or any part of a telecommunication or a radio communication to which the person is not a participant, by means of any device, contrivance, machine or apparatus, whether electrical, mechanical, manual or otherwise, unless consent is given by at least one participant

If you are a participant and you are recording, you are giving consent as a party of the conversation. No one else need say anything about it.