Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who's behind the campaign against Ballot Measure 34-210?

The leading group against the Tigard light rail measure:
Special interests anyone?

Katja Dillmann

Before joining Move Oregon, Katja worked for the former Mayor of Portland, as his Transportation Policy Advisor and then Director. Katja came to Portland from Washington DC where she worked for non-profit organizations. She has her law degree from Lewis and Clark and her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Davis. Her favorite bus line is the #4 and if not at her desk or in meetings, Katja can be found riding her bike around town or walking her dog Elizabeth.  Non-Tigard resident, non-Oregon native.  Worked for City of Portland and is biased towards light rail/streetcar development.
Bernie Bottomly, The Portland Business Alliance
Bernie is an Oregon native, born and raised in Beaverton. He attended the University of Oregon where he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science.
He served as District Administration for U.S. Congressman Les AuCoin for almost a decade with responsibility for natural resource, transportation and economic development policy. He also served for nine years as legislative director for Tri-Met with responsibility for state and regional legislative affairs, regional transportation and finance policy.  Non-Tigard resident, primary interest is in business and not citizens.
Catherine Ciarlo, CH2M Hill
Catherine Ciarlo is a Senior Project Manager at CH2MHILL in Portland, Oregon. Prior to joining CH2MHILL she was the Transportation Policy Director in the Portland Mayor’s Office (2009-2012) and served as the executive director of Oregon’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance from 1998-2005.  Non-Tigard resident, major TriMet/light rail contractor.  Vested interest in only light rail.
Rick Gustafson, Executive Director, Portland Streetcar Inc.; Executive Vice President, Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc
Mr. Gustafson is Executive Vice President of Shiels Obletz Johnsen, a project management firm with offices in Portland and Seattle. Rick joined Shiels Obletz Johnsen in 1987 and serves as a principal in the company. Rick holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Yale University and a Masters Degree in Urban Economics from Wayne State University. Rick participated in initial Portland Streetcar feasibility studies as early as 1990. Rick has served as the Chief Operating Officer for Portland Streetcar operations since its opening in 2001 and has also served as Executive Director since 2006. He has led numerous projects for streetcar development including new expansions for the Portland system, vehicle manufacturing, feasibility for other cities, and operational plans for many other cities  Non-Tigard resident, major backer of Streetcars and has stated opposition to bus service.
David Knowles, CH2M Hill
David Knowles is Vice President and Area Manager for CH2M HILL an international planning and engineering firm.  David is passionate about cities and public transit.  He works with transit agencies throughout the Northwest including Seattle which is investing heavily in new public transit options.   Prior to becoming a consultant, David served as  Director of Planning for the City of Portland, practiced law with the Davis Wright Tremaine firm and served two terms on the Metro Council, Portland’s regional government.  Non-Tigard resident, major TriMet/light rail contractor.  Vested interest in only light rail.
Brian Newman, Oregon Health and Science University
Brian Newman is the Director of Campus Planning, Development and Real Estate at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon.  OHSU is the largest employer in the City of Portland  Non-Tigard resident
Art Pearce, City of Portland Bureau of Transportation
Art Pearce is a Senior Capital Project Manager with the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation. For 14 years Art has worked on a variety of transportation projects focused primarily on transit corridor development and neighborhood revitalization.  Recent projects include the planning and implementation of Portland’s South Waterfront District and the Portland Aerial Tram.  In 2009 Art led the planning and funding for the reconstruction of SW Moody Street including a $23 million dollar “Innovation Quadrant” TIGER Grant award.
Art is currently representing the City of Portland on the Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail Project and the Portland Streetcar system  Non-Tigard resident, major backer of Streetcars and has stated opposition to bus service.
Chris Rall, Transportation For America
Chris Rall is the Pacific Northwest Field Organizer for Transportation For America, the largest most diverse coalition working on transportation reform today. Chris works with the national campaign to keep partners and allies apprised of developments on transportation policy and opportunities in DC. Before his present position, Chris co-founded Green Wheels, a local transportation advocacy organization in Humboldt County, CA, and served as Policy Director for the Healthy Humboldt Coalition where he advocated for smart growth in Humboldt County’s general plan update. He lives in Portland.  Non-Tigard resident, non-native Oregonian.  Works for a pro-rail special interest group that heavily promotes rail and decries bus service.
Rob Sadowsky, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Rob Sadowsky joined the BTA as executive director in June 2010. Previously, Rob served as Executive Director of the Active Transportation Alliance in Chicago, Illinois for six years from 2004 to 2010.  Non-Tigard resident, has promoted rail service over bus service.
Val Solorzano, Chick of All Trades, LLC
Val Solorzano is the owner of C.O. A. T. Flagging, a spin off from her original company Chick Of All Trades, LLC. Before starting her own company she worked in the private sector for many years. Val took being downsized from the corporate world as an opportunity and decided to throw her hat in the ring of contracting. In 2005 she started a “Honey Do” company, followed by C.O.A.T. Flagging in 2006. C.O.A.T. Flagging’s first project was on the Portland Transit Mall.  Non-Tigard resident, TriMet light rail contractor.
Pamela Treece, Westside Economic Alliance
Pamela (Pam) Treece was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  She received her undergraduate degree at Portland State University and her Masters’ degree from Lewis and Clark College.  She has taught High School Health and Physical Education, she was one of four physical directors that opened the Metro YMCA at Duniway Park, developed her own business “Fitness Concepts” and was a regular on KATU’s AMNW.  She moved to the corporate sector and worked for Pacific Power for 21 years retiring as the vice-president of external affairs.  Treece is currently the executive director of Westside Economic Alliance.   Non-Tigard resident, WEA has done next to nothing to promote bus service or transit in general in Tigard.

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MAX Redline said...

Rick Gustafson

You mean Goofs Off - sometimes known as "Skateboard". This idiot has never worked a day in his life; he's been a political appointee to head the Metropolitan Service Districet, and a political appointee to head Portland Streetcar, thanks to his close association with Neil the child rapist.

He's a perfect example of evolution in Portland: high pay for doing nothing more than being another turd on the lawn.