Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Chris Day said...

I want to go on record here and make a very clear statement. Though I do not like the slanderous attacks Ellen Fox has been stating about me, I am not asking our membership to put a stop. All I am asking from our membership is to allow a Trial Committee to investigate the preferring of charges. The only thing our membership is being asked to do is two (2) things.

1. Is there warrant in the preferring of charge? Members need to ask themselves if the charges I am stating can be viewed as constitutional violations.
2. Is a single member’s constitutional right worth protecting? If we are only worried about the group as a whole and ignore the individuals with in that group then it will not take long for that group to fall apart.

If you say YES it appears there are some constitutional violations and if you say Yes all members are equal and deserve equal constitutional protection then allowing the preferring of charges would be the action that would assure that to happen.

To not allow this preferring of charges to be heard by a Trial Committee is making a clear statement that you either feel there are no constitution violations or it is too expensive to worry about each member’s constitutional rights.

So ATU757’s April Charter meeting is not about stopping Ellen Fox. It is about assuring that Sister Ellen Fox and Brother Christopher Day have an equal opportunity to present their case to a Trial Committee.