Monday, March 28, 2011

Preferring of charges on Ellen Fox to be heard

At the April 4, 2011 Charter meeting and continuation meetings, ATU members will consider whether charges preferred against Sister Ellen Fox are worthy of being further entertained and considered.

Below are some examples of Ellen Fox's outrageous behavior. In my particular case she sued me TWICE, that's right, twice, and was not happy with either verdict, so she started a blog all about me calling me a cyber stalker. That's about as disrespectful as you can get towards a co worker. Trimet lets her get away with it of course, I am the only employee ever charged with disrespectful workplace based on my off the job behavior,  a complete distortion of HR rules and a disgrace to TRIMET management who have now decided that fascism is perferable to reason when it comes to their front line employees.
picture was stolen from Punkrawker without his permission
And here are some of the lies she spreads about Chris Day, who is the person preferring charges against her:
Ellen Fox mocks Chris Day's sexuality

Ellen Fox slanders Chris Day

In the second photo Ellen Fox's slander campaign cost Chris Day the election and has damaged his reputation irreparably.

I support the action by Chris Day and salute him for his courage to pursue this through the union which has been less than helpful in facilitating his complaint.

Somebody has been keeping a blog about all this called Ellen Fox Watch, which has a chronology of the events surrounding this vindictive viscous woman:

My history with Ellen Fox is HERE!

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