Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woman with squealing baby kicked off bus

Northern Territory News

Driver being crucified by media, though some commenters get it:

I agree 100% with the bus drivers decision. She was thinking of the other passengers trapped in the confined space of a bus forced to endure the ear piercing squeels of a toddler. Some parents are so in love with their "little darlings" that they lose all sense of social etiquette. A screaming kid is NOT cute to anyone else but their parent. What if the bus driver had had an accident due to the distraction? How cute would her childs squeels of delight have been then? Get a grip parents!!!!

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Al M said...

This is a quandary for bus drivers.
I'm pretty good at ignoring this sort of thing but occasionally there will be such a huge noise disturbance that I almost have to pull the bus over.
I never "kick" a passenger off, but I will pull a bus over and let it sit there until whatever situation is under control.