Sunday, March 27, 2011

TriMet's old 2400s


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Erik H. said...

It's sad what came out of these buses. It was actually a really good idea for TriMet. Unfortunately the vehicles themselves, from what I heard, were crap with at least two engines blowing up and catching the entire vehicle on fire - destroying them. (So I can't blame TriMet for that.)

C-Tran and Cherriots both have used similar vehicles from other manufacturers with much, MUCH better results. Unfortunately, TriMet (when it comes to buses) seems to get cold feet after something doesn't work right (sub-30 buses, using cutaways on fixed-route services, articulated buses).

For some reason, that rule doesn't extend to rail - when something on rail doesn't work, it's try - try again, and keep trying even beyond when it's been proven to be a failure, you just keep trying.