Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Bus Stop Design - in Eugene

 Here is a standard service (not EmX) bus stop near Valley River Center.  Nice, large bus shelter, clean and well-maintained, and even some artistic detail in the station design.

 A minor complaint, the bus stop sign is somewhat plain, but the bus route that serves the stop is very clearly marked.  The stop ID used for bus arrivals by phone is in very small print on the sign.
 Close-up of the shelter design.  Four benches, some artistic detail, a maintained garbage can - no overflowing garbage, no litter on the ground, no grafitti.  Minor complaint - there is a height mis-match between the lighter colored concrete (added by the adjoining business) and the bus stop creating a trip hazard.
 Plenty of seating, and plenty of lighting.  Notice the well marked crosswalk providing access to Valley River Center.
 Lots of lights, and none of those crappy, worthless solar powered LED ones.
 A full bus schedule.  Not that generic "Buses serve this stop weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays", but an actual posted timetable.
The Stop ID is also painted on the shelter itself.


Steve Fung said...

Good road report Erik.Great photos,
and informative narrative.

Al M said...

Those folks down there have not adopted the institutional mentality.

Anonymous said...

Like many bus stops this is missing a key feature: Where can one stand to be entirely out of the elements?

When it's 35F, raining and the wind is blowing 20MPH, I can't see how this shelter offers any shelter.

Cute, but it is a fail in my book.

Jason McHuff said...

I'm pretty sure this was a Breeze stop, so not a random one. Also, it appears the stop on the other side of the street has none of the amenities.

Al M said...

What's Breeze?

Erik H. said...

Considering that a site search at only has one link that contains the word "breeze", which is a picture of a Breeze bus...

What's even more amazing, Jason, is that I photographed the bus stop sign showing the route served by the bus. And despite that, you can't figure it out...are you blind? The last time I saw you you definitely weren't blind.

Here's the route profile:

Looks like 20-30 minute headways during weekdays (increasing to 45-60 minute headways after 7:00 PM), 30 minute headways on Saturdays (until 6:30, then hourly), and hourly service on Sundays.

And, a quick look at Wikipedia shows that the Breeze is cancelled. But, hey, what's facts to a guy who only knows personal attacks because he hates me for some strange and unknown reason...

Jason McHuff said...

Take some deep breaths and re-read my comment. Then look at your response.

I see me making a two-sentence calm, neutral comment and you getting all upset over it.

What do you see? If you think I made a personal attack, what makes you think that?

And, a quick look at Wikipedia shows that the Breeze is cancelled

I fully realized that. That is why I used the word "was". If you did not, which I can fully understand, all you had to do was say "I didn't realize that." Or asking about Breeze, just like Al did.

For the record, the Breeze appears to have been a shuttle route that ran between Valley River Center (Eugene's major mall), downtown Eugene and the University of Oregon. Like TriMet, LTD has been having budget shortfalls and the Breeze was one of the victims.