Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Truth about Portland and Trimet

This is the best series of articles I've read on the Portland phenomenon and how the Portland Technocracy  has killed off what is now known at Old Portland

Portland grew by 1.5% last year. These are growth rates not seen since before 2008. Just ponder that number -- 1.5% growth -- and contrast that with housing prices and rents that are growing by double digits. Portland has spent billions -- BILLIONS -- preparing for growth. They have built rail lines all over the place, built highways throughout and run thousands of miles of pipe in anticipation of growth. Yet, they can't handle 1.5% growth without blowing up housing prices? Think of any other entity in any other realm that grows by 1.5% per year and contrast the reaction of that system with the hysteria of Portland. If this is only a 1.5% wave, it doesn't make sense. That kind of wave should roll across the sand and dissipate. Something is magnifying it.

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