Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Alan Morgan retires from Trimet takes 'consultant" job where Trimet bought its driving simulator

Morgan has taken a  position at L3
In another example of the so called "revolving door' between government officials and private industry I have  been informed by very reliable sources that former training department executive Alan Morgan has retired from Trimet and taken a 'consultant' job at the place that manufactured the Trimet bus driver simulator

My source says that Morgan played an instrumental role in the design of this particular model and was key in making sure the contract was approved. It apparently cost in the area of a half a million dollars. Per Trimet procedure, there was never any information provided to the public about this until after it had been purchased. Trimet's video about this is HERE.

Morgan retires with a pension between 4-7k a month would be my guess. Who knows how much he is getting from L3

You see this kind of payback at all levels of government, not just Trimet. Just how our totally corrupted government functions. 

Another high profile 'payback' personality was former Trimet executive CAROLYN YOUNG  who played a major role in getting GLOBESHERPA its start at Trimet.The globesherpa app was always riddled with bugs but it didn't matter. It had government backing, which means it doesn't have to work.
Young took some executive position within Globesherpa immediately after retiring from Trimet

Globesherpa has since been sold to Daimler so I'm sure everybody involved thanks to Trimet and Young made a nice fat payday.

And so it goes in Amerika, those of us with connections continue raking in the dough the rest of us are left holding the bag.

This is "your" Trimet. Just part of the government conspiracy to rob us blind.

These are only 2 examples of Trimet cronyism that I know of, and I basically don't know anything about Trimet internal operations.

There could be many more instances like these that were never discovered outside of the tight little inner circle of Trimet technocrats 

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