Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Light rail has failed for 30 years"

Light Rail has failed for 30 years.

There are countless stories, articles, referenced studies, research and testimonials detailing the harm the addition of light rail has done to our neighboring communities.  Just a few of these are linked below:
City statistics show 84 percent of gang crimes, 40 percent of fights and 42 percent of drug crimes occur within a quarter mile of the tracks.
Calls to police spiked 56 percent following Clackamas Town Center transit area opening.
TriMet downplays drug-trafficking on MAX then announces ‘fixes’ following embarrassing exposure.
Pressure mounts to crack down on MAX light rail violent crime
Washington County Sheriff says of light rail: ‘This is a gangster mover, without a doubt.’
Remarkable increase in crime around Clackamas Town Center MAX.
Tri-Met official admits crime increases with new light rail line.
Tigard assistant police chief calls light rail an ‘avenue for crime.’
Taxpayers will have to pay more for increased police for light rail.
Light Rail crime increases 22% in one year on West side rail.
MAX serves as a ‘de facto shelter’ for many homeless.
$1.5 billion for 7.3 miles of light rail bring hopes that this will inspire more to move next to the rail.
Two officers attacked, hit in head with rocks, on light rail. ‘You won’t catch me on light rail again.’
Light rail opens and crime spikes 35% in first year at Clackamas Town Center
Milwaukie police chief concerned light rail gives easy access to transport gangs from downtown.
Rise in gang violence in Clackamas tracked to Portland gangs riding light rail.
Gresham Mayor takes matter into his own hands after “TriMet's failure to realized they have issues.” [crime]
Tualatin Police Chief concerned about safety on commuter rail
Clackamas Town Center store manager says, ‘I’m walking around the shopping mall and bums are asking me for change.’
Beaverton police chief lets TriMet know, ‘We’re taking back our turf.’
MAX crime increases, Gresham mayor announces additional police.
Light rail hit a new low for reliability with 1 in 5 trips running late.
TriMet adding 15 new police officers following calls for heightened security on MAX
Sherriff Stovink on crime near Clackamas Town Center. ‘It’s MAX, how else can you explain it?’
Transit police plan to add more officers to patrol expected crime increase on Clackamas light rail lines.
Gresham mayor is concerned about criminals riding MAX to commit crimes in Gresham
Crime around the MAX line – a particularly troublesome area
Police chief proposes additional new police for Beaverton light rail

Just a few of the hundreds of articles on how unreliable rail really is.

Light rail can’t handle the heat. Hot weather can cause the rails to buckle and bend.
MAX service knocked out across Portland with power outage.

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Jason McHuff said...

Some of those issues mentioned are not necessarily caused by MAX seeing how it doesn't go anywhere buses don't or didn't, and there can easily be incidents and delays on highways too.