Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trimet rider needs help

I told him that all I can do is post to my blog, that Trimet is aware of these problems and just can't seem to get it together to take care of it.
When you're a tax funded unaccountable government agency you can abuse people with impunity
Hello, I know this might not be the proper format for this, but I've been looking around all morning. I'm having a serious issue with trying to buy a ticket via the Trimet phone app. It's been on-going for over two weeks now. I've contacted Trimet through the official lines and was told the problem is on my bank's end (Advantis Credit). I contact my bank and am told they are in contact with Trimet. Do you know if there's a way I can contact Trimet over the weekend? Might there be a blog or some other space where I can take my grievance? I cannot be the ONLY person going through this. This is really affecting my commute to work. I live nowhere within walking distance of a ticket machine. If I can't use the app, I have to haggle with the driver to give me a lift to the nearest MAX stop just so I can buy a ticket. Otherwise, I'm having to pay $2.50. That means in stead of $26, I'm being made to pay $28.50 for a week pass. 
Thank you in advance.

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