Saturday, October 8, 2016

Elliot Njus makes the case for light rail gentrification

This is another example of Oregonian pro light rail propaganda.

Take the headline for example:
Milwaukie basks in MAX Orange Line's economic glow

That's really an obvious attempt to tug on the emotions of readers and is pretty much saying out right "see how well our light rail line brought gentrification to your city"

And here he presents the evidence:
City officials say home sales and property values have seen
double-digit growth, in no small part to the $1.4 billion TriMet
light-rail line connecting Portland to Milwaukie.
And, he said, the Orange Line also has renewed interest in an
industrial corridor located next to the alignment

So, here we are, with positive proof that your $1.5 billion is tax funds has gone
to help property values and building developers

Barely any mention at all about all the 33 riders that were forced into transfering
to the light rail:
*Some* who once had a one-seat bus ride into downtown Portland now have to transfer
Its not "some", its thousands

Also the orange line is not attracting as many riders as they said it would, this is a Trimet fail.
Ridership numbers are lower than projected

All in all this is a great piece of propaganda. Njus did the best he could to
put lipstick on the pig. Obvioulsy this is an attempt to convince Tigard voters
to vote yes on allowing light rail into Tigard. It's appealing to their pocket
books. What homeowner wouldn't like to see double digit growth of their property value? I'm sure its very successful strategy. 


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