Monday, April 17, 2017

More on Patrick Preusser-apparently his nickname was "diaper boy"

I see some things never change. Darth Deely is thinking he's the Emperor and ruling over the employees with his "Iron Fist"and his lap dog Pat Pruesser (I hope I spelled that right) thinks he's Anakin Skywalker and this is "his new Empire".,964043,963509

patrick 'king of reverse lodging' pressuer. looks like he is 15 years old hins the nickname diaper boy.,976038

Interesting comments below the break

you guys on 12a might remember this guy, re-entry engineer hired for Maricopa in his 20's. After he got run off of 12a he came up to SAC and immediately went into Management as the Reno RFE. This clown went from long hair and a face full of piercing’s to a clean shaven "corporate lawyer" kind of look overnight. The guy immediately got a reputation as a cut throat ladder climber. One of those guys who would sell his own mom up the river to look good for the boss. So then this suck ass gets promoted to Asst. Superintendent under Joe Deely. This kid has almost single-handedly turned the already questionable Oakland crew base into a completely hostile, shitty, and unproductive black hole. This guy will take the time to call every down line station and have the agents spy on the conductors and tell him if a conductor had a vest button undone or some other petty shit. He's notorious for forcing the other managers to sign the letters he writes up on employees, like were too dense to see who's really behind all the bullshit. So if Patrick Pruesser transfers into a crew base near you, remember, this kid is nothing but a talking out the side of his mouth back stabbing serpent who will plant that dagger right between your shoulder blades the second you turn around. Many of your brothers and sisters are outta work for unintentionally getting in the way of "diaper boy's" rise to power. Remember the name guy's, he's probably your next superintendent

""""If Joe Deeley likes and promoted him, he can't be all bad. Sounds like he caught you with your hand in the cookie jar and you're too much of punk to talk to him about it. You rather seek your therapy by posting on this site. No wonder Oakland is the armpit of Amtrak."""""

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

Um, OK, here it goes:

1. Pulling a Condutor out of service for not shaving and failing to comply with AMTK service standards.

2. Placing surprise yellow flags one mile before, AND 1/4 mile after a slow order/flag specified in writing.

3. Pulling the plug on a detector in the same area, coincidentally near a couple of crossings where we have to whistle.

4. Terminating a Conductor for getting injured while being assaulted by a passenger (passenger was on drugs and arrested).

5. Pulling a Conductor out of service for not punching a spotter's 10 ride ticket on a heavy train.

None of this happened to me, but it happened within the last 8 months or so. I ain't bitching, I know my duties. But damn, managers tend to go overboard with discipline.

This is all I can think of right now. I'm sleepy. Goodnight

BTW - If this is getting a hand caught in the cookie jar, so be it. Sounds like you've been hanging around ABQ recently.


Diaper Boy was one who tried to bust the LA Sunset Limited Jobs and help the company put in the Maricopa crew base. Immediately after entering management, he proposed engineer only on the CZ between Oakalnd and Reno with a crew change in SAC. He will eliminate anyone's job to save his own. Even Shelton's.

Preusser is as EVIL as they come. Just today, he was riding in on train 529 and the train had an undesired emergency. Instead of getting involved and helping the crew out, he sat on his ass and waited until the train arrived in Oakland then had his RFE download the engine to see if a Standing Air test was done. Well guess what. Diaper Boy had his minions call the crew back in from home and pulled them all out of service. Merry Christmas to all.  

Wow! - I'm surprised that he hasn't been called in on the carpet for abusing the employees. I didn't think coming to work unkempt and unshaven was grounds for pulling some one from service. Perhaps he was told to shave before he worked again and was not allowed to work that day? The "surprise" yellow flag is not an honest test and serves no useful purpose other than to harass the troops.

Where is the Local Chairman for this area?  

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