Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trimet is militarizing its transit system

If you watched the last Trimet board meeting you heard all the stupid excuses for this new Trimet police station including "it will save us money" argument.

The Trimet board, deaf dumb and blind to what the public wants or thinks is incapable of understanding that we don't need or want police checking fares and hassling riders

The Trimet board is ignorant of everything that has to do with Trimet operations and has no clue that Nazi tactics are employed on the Portland transit system.

Trimet is militarizing its transit system, its intentional, and its evil. 
It needs to be stopped right now, if it can be, which is questionable.
Trimet is not accountable to the riders or the citizens.

Take the police off the transit system for everything but actual crimes.


Max said...

I don't appreciate OPAL continuing to promote the "transit jail" lie. Lies like this serve only to hurt their credibility.

Al M said...

What would you call it?

Transit playground?

Max said...

It's called a police station, Al.

Al M said...

A police station for TRIMET!

Trimet is now part of the police state