Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Who's getting Trimet cash tomorrow

Environmental Business Solutions gets $1,065,000 for cleaning bus shelters. The contract is a 5 year contract. Why isn't this in house?

Orgo-Thermit gets $1,388,925 for "rail grinding services". This is also apparently a 5 year contract. The interesting thing about this is that it is basically the services of one man who operates the machine. I don't know how much the operator of this machine is getting paid but I bet its not $400k a year. Again. why isn't this in house

AECOM gets $400,000 to "design bus stop improvements along Powell and Division. This doesn't say anything about the pork barrel Powell BRT. This isnt even coming out of Trimet funds. So it appears they intend to redesign this corridor twice! Once with this and then again with the pork contract for BRT

VOESTALPINE gets $1,167,552 for special track-work materials related to steel bridge and rail repairs 

This is just the design phase, the total cost of this 'project' is $6,300,000

J.E. DUNN gets $110,040.00 for "pre-construction services" for the Powell bus garage replacement. Trimet pencil necks don't do anything so this has to be contracted out I guess.

RIDE CONNECTION gets a second contract for 5 years at a total of $13,000,000 (funny how the number comes out so round) to provide "volunteer and community based transportation services".
I wonder why its so expensive to provide "volunteers"?

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