Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some more weird TriMet service alerts

My apologies I haven't been posting these regularly, but these are some of the more interesting ones (and doesn't include many which have wrong turns or directions that don't work out)

#20 Line 20 STOP CLOSURE Burnside inbound at 58th ALL HOURS ALL DAYS until further notice, temporary stop about 115 feet before on a wooden pole. PLEASE DO NOT STOP AT THE SRVICE STOP AT 58th EVEN IF IT LOOKS CLEAR. Thank you.

#17 Line 17 the Broadway bridge is stuck in the Up part use Item # 2 on your hard copy detour sheet.

#17 LINE 17: Broadway Bridge is stuck again. Please use detour.

#33 #152 lINES 33,152:TRAIN BLOCKING AT 224th and HARRISON. Please refer to item 152nd on your detour sheet.USE detour UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

#75 Line 75 detoured on Harrison in Milwaukie use Item # 150 detour until further notice.

#30 Line 30 back to regular route detour on Bakersferry, both directions are open.

#30 Line 30 Back to regular route RE-route at Bakers Ferry.

#76 #97 Correction to last text. 4:50 pm, Line 97 west to Sherwood, Regular route to Boonesferry road and SW 84th ave., Left 84th, Left Nyberg st, Left Boonesferry and regular route.

#11 Line 44: Please use the train detour for Rivergate until clear.

#4 #8 #17 #35 #44 #77 Lines 4, 8, 17, 35, 44 & 77 all back to regular route. Thank you ALL!

#35 Bridge to Brews detour 08:00am to 11:30am Line 35, To U of P,Part 2nd: Part2: 9:30am-11:30am Regular route to Everett and 3rd right 3rd left Burnside Bridge left Grand left Multnomah right Wheeler veer right into Williams into I-5 north Exit Swan Island and Greeley into Greeley And resume regular route.

#35 #36 #99 Line 35,99,36 detour inbound: Regular route to Naito and Harrison, left Clay, left 5th continue 5th to left Hall, left 4th, left Harrison and 5th right 6th, left Clay to 10th and Market, left 11th and regular route.

#30 Line 30 Due to tree down at Springwsater detour from Clackamas Town Center: UPDATE at 14:25.Stay on hwy 212 through Damascus,to Boring. right Richey Road, right Kelso Road, left Amsigger, left Hwy 224 and regular route until further notice. Reverse for inbound.

#75 Line 75 Harrison and Hiway 224 is blocked by a train use your alternate hard copy detour until clear (item #150)

#76 #78 Line 76 and 78 Country Club road closed in Lake Oswego about a mile east of Boones Ferry no detour at this time.

#30 Route 30 Please Use Your detour over to Damascus.

#10 LINE 10 outbound: Regular route to 36th and Steele, left 36th then veer right to jog to stay on 36th right Schiller right continue Chavez (39th) left Steele & Regular route inbound: REVERSE. (streets are tight watch for oncoming buses)

#16 Line 16 please use your train detour until further notice. Thank you.

#32 #33 #75 #152 Lines 32, 33, 75 & 152 use the train blocking on Harrison & 25th detour on your hard copy detour sheets at this time until further notice. - yes again.

#66 LINE 66 to Milwaukie Transit Center: the stop at Belmont is CLOSED 7a-4p WEEKDAYS ONLY until further notice. temporary STOP near side Morrison 225 feet BEFORE the closed stop.

#16 Caution going into town from St. Johns br, rocks off hill as You go down ramp to St Helens from the bridge.

#8 #61 #64 #65 #66 #68 OHSU and VA Hospital Buses: back to regular route on Terwilliger. Use caution just south of 6th where there are some rocks on the road. 10mph slow where the rocks are. until further notice.

#17 24th is closed ALL HOURS-ALL Days...

#15 Line 15.

#72 Line 72 to Clackamas Town Center at Greeley and Kill SWING WIDE to make the RIGHT turn onto Kill due to a truck parked on corner.

#35 Line 35 Back to regular route - run is over - GREAT JOB.

#8 Line 8 Hours 06:30am - 1:00pm To Dekum & MLK: From temporary layover on Columbia continue Columbia left 4th left Jefferson right 6th And resume regular route (Watch for passengers from the shuttle bus) (Passengers wanting service to Marquam Hill will be shuttled to the Tram, no additional fare is required)

#70 Line 70 Please remember your parade detour today starts at 11:30 and ends at 1pm.

#96 Line 96 To Portland ONLY- Regular route into in-5N, right exit 294th (Barbur Blvd), continue Barbur, veer right Naito Parkway, right Harrison (drop Passengers at Harrison near side Harbor), continue River Parkway, left River Drive, left Montgomery, right Harbor Drive and resume regular route. Due to a rollover accident-until further notice.

#75 #77 FIRE blocking at 42nd and Broadway ALL DIRECTIONS blocked - please detour best U can until we can get something official out.

#4 Line 4 Due to fire use Powell between 162-174 both directions until further notice.

#4 #6 #14 Lines 4,6 and 14: The short term detour at Madison and 1st is canceled. Please service the stop in the street and use caution.

#56 #92 Lines 56 & 92. Please follow detour on Old Scholls ferry even though the police are no longer blocking Scholls. It is still blocked. Follow detour please. until further notice.

#20 Line 20 Osage shortlines can go regular route to the turn around. Only short lines. Long lines need to use snow route on hwy 26.

MAX Blue, Green and Red lines delayed up to 15 minutes through 6:30 due to mechanical issue near 60th near NE 60th Ave.

#4 LINE 4 to St Johns ONLY: Regular route to Mississippi & Failing, right Failing left Commercial left Shaver right Mississippi & Regular route UNTIL: 7a-3p or when CLEAR. Thursday & Friday.
[between Failing and Shaver, Commercial was eliminated in 1967 for Unthank Park]

#4 #8 #35 #77 eastbound buses on Everett - EMS blocking between 6th & 5th - please use IRVING around the backside of Grayhound between 6th & 5th.

#1 #12 #19 #54 #56 LINES 1,12,19,54,56: CANCEL detour at 6th and Pine! All Clear! Regular route!

#20 Line 20 outbound correction.. Regular route Stark and 122nd, left 122nd, right Glisan, right 162nd, left Stark and regular route until further notice.

#35 Line 35 due to blocking illegal parked van to continue Willamette, right Monteith, right Princeton, left Portsmouth & Regular route until clr.

#17 Line 17 - expect delays eastbound Broadway Bridge for some metal crates that fell off of a truck (waiting for forklift) auto & bus & streetcar traffic ARE getting thru.

#72 UPDATE at 11:04 BACK TO Regular route AT FLAVEL and 82ND southbound. Springs, right 82nd & regurlar until further notice or when clear.

#33 #75 Gates are stuck down at Harrison use your detour in your pouch.

#15 #22 #23 #24 #25 #87 lines 15, 22, 23, 24, 25 & 87 - The stop on Pacific near side 102nd is closed and the temporary stop for that is near side 99th on Pacific - supervisor is in route to close the northbound stop on 102nd near side Glisan.

#4 #8 #35 #77 Please use yr steel bridge detour.

#8 #44 Lines 8 & 44- Please follow your steel bridge closure detour on your hard copy reroutes in your pouch Until Further Notice.

#20 Update Line 20 updated eastbound detour: Regular route to west Burnside and 23rd place, left 23rd Place, left Westover, right Everett, right 21st, left Burnside and regular route.

#52 Line 52 Leave Beaverton Transit Center and PCC Rock ck 3 mins early. When at Willow ck leave 3 mins or less early Due to Farmington's Construction until 15:30.

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 #85 Rose Quarter ROUTES- there is an event at the right Qtr at this time. Please observe a SLOW ORDER of 5 MPH on Wheeler between Multnomah & Holladay. Watch your speeds cuz they are :)

#52 Line 52, to PCC the stop just before Springville is closed. NO temporary. passengers can go to west Union or Sprinville. This is for today and tomorrow between 09:00 am to 3:30 pm.

#15 Line 15 just wanted to be on the same page. Plz go regular route in the area of 23rd and Everett at this time do not follow the detour that may be in your pouch. Thank you.

#32 CORRECTED - Line 32 is detoured To Clackamas Community College Regular route to Main & 14th, right 14th, left Washington and regular route.

#32 CORRECTED - Line 32 is detoured To Milwaukie: Regular route to Washington & 15th, continue Washington, right 14th, left Main and regular route.

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 Steel bridge buses. westbound. on steel bridge the jersey barrier has been moved over a little due to accident. Use caution, but regular route.

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 Lines 4,8,44,35 & 77 please use caution inbound on the Steel bridge near the concrete barriers. Slow order of 5 MPH.

#20 Line 20 the detour that is in your pouch is ONLY TO BE DONE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9:00 am to 3:00 PM... It is regular route all other times until further notice. thank you.

#20 Line 20 Both directions back to regular route on west. Burnside- SLOW ORDER OF 15MPH THROUGH THE CONSTRUCTION ZONE.

#4 LINE 4 to St Johns: the stop at 20th and Divison is CLOSED. A temporary STOP has been posted at 19th using the FRONT DOOR ONLY at the cement pad.

#72 Line 72, southbound when servicing the last stop before Foster, at Insley, Hang back and motion to the passengers to come to You then set Yourself up to Make a left turn onto Foster.

#72 Line 72 - be advised that there is a 3rd car accident at 82nd and Klickitat at this time blocking northbound lanes... possible that it will get shut down both directions... supervisor in route for detour if needed.

#75 Line 75 train blocking on Harrison use hardcopy detour item # 150 until further notice.

#12 #93 #94 Lines 12, 93, & 94th. inbound. watch for a large tree branch in right lane Hwy99 and Bull Mtn road Use caution when going around it.

#30 Line 30 the mud slide on Hwy 224 at Mile post 10th is blocking the westbound lanes only at this time - supervisor is on the way but is wanting to stay regular route at this t ime - CCOM and ODOT both know about it and have people in route to deal with this - use caution and patience plz.

#23 Line 23 - the San Rafsel stop will remain open. Stop in travel lane. Line 23 getting bumped thru.

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