Monday, April 10, 2017

Trimet torture chamber


Chris Day said...

If the road sup the operator a ride to the garage then he would remain on the clock until he arrives at the garage. By making him take the bus I am sure that they took him off the clock the moment he called in on the radio. So the meeting that the road sup had with the operator at BTC and the bus or train ride back to the garage was not on TriMet time it is now on the operator’s time. I agree that this is a practice TriMet uses to save money and to intimidate the operator.

This was something the law suit was addressing as well. TriMet takes steps to have the operator do many things off the clock such as meet with managers/ road sups off the clock, take the operator off the clock when the operator gets off the bus yet the operator still needs to get to his/her car and has to take a bus or train that takes an additional 40 minutes plus just to get to the car that is parked at the garage. There are things that TriMet has been getting away with for many years and it is not right and is in a grey area of the law.

Al M said...

That's disgraceful Chris