Monday, April 12, 2021




1407 Possible Mr. Bio

236 Card stuck

1238 Passenger assaulted on Sandy

Loud and abusive

7202 Domestic issues

3303 Did you skip Oregon City TC

7340 Keith

7437 Setting up a tent

Kicked the front door

7335 Keith pushed his way through

1236 Vomit

7201 Welfare check

7504 Need help getting him up

1267 Screaming and cussing (Ride Trimet...Meet New People)

7501 Porta Potty Secured


has calmed down

5469 Open containers

ON AND ON AND ON AND ON--->2052 Mask

GREG--->7674 Sleeping with head phones on

Glowing star
Glowing star

5469 Half hour later..still talking about open container

MASKS---->1405 Nutso

3568 Oddest thing

7734 Trimet Technology

Train 1 “ The smell is horrendous” it’s diarrhea

7238 Braces and a BBQ

7235 Huge fire

937 Knocked off her bike

LOCKED OUT--->7514 Hollywood Porta Potty Fun

2468 Over the railing on

LOCKED OUT--->7505 More Hollywood shitter news

KILLED THEM ALL--->1902 Free rides

1508 Screaming about a Trimet lawsuit.

DISPATCHER SAYS KILL THEM ALL---->7104 African couple with the suitcases


😇😇#STA Over flowing

7507 Exposed himself to me 7505 Please don't board him

904 Harassing me

902 Short Line

7239 I left him

235 Doesn't want to wait at Gresham TC

5469 Herd the cattle

9122 Manager would like a call.

9119 Tent


on TriMet property!

1242 Sandy Blvd Video

4467 Customer Conduct He’s in the ditch! He’s on hard drugs and hands down his pants.

Keith ⁦


2072 Customer Conduct Woke up sleeper & threatened me.

2135 Left 20 seconds early from Gresham TC

9103 Bus left early! Wait for double 00

HARASSMENT--->9103 Dispatch says left 11 seconds past time. It doesn’t track until after bus turn.

5770 Bus driver leaves crazy ditch person at BTC. Very Angry!

9234 Hadn’t been logging in. Another operator told me it would dock my OTP!

6267 line Training

467 Filming a movie in St John’s

5268 Leader in Technology

2039 Loud&Verbal Screaming at each other for not wearing masks

Face with medical mask

. Goona need police

Woman police officer

2039 Currently tied up! Spitting!

2039 They got off & ran off!

468 Loud&Verbal She’s in the ditch! Just drive!

Little Leon

1934 Kiss ass!

468 Loud&Verbal Refuses to get off! Ditch removal in order! She’s requesting an ambulance



mickey mouse transit system--->5269 No trucks out today!

867 Operator Ill

😇😇😇----->1240 Customer having a manic moment. Trying to get to her mothers funeral.

2070 Here’s the response from the 20.

Line 4 Ditch & Medical


call. Ditch person rescued by ambulance


1403 Cones in the road

4468 Just Drive

2468 Bus hits Parked car

Oncoming automobile


9105 2468 Involved with parked car

Oncoming automobile

1402 That’s not a priority call!

7504 Do the windows have to be open?


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