Thursday, April 1, 2021



1524 torture

33 riders screwed

936 she just came out of the ditch

7244 threats and hate language

More mask dramas

Mathew is funny

Answer the radio with your block fool

9674 $10 for two of the exact same tickets coulda just told him to sit down and ride for free...he fell asleep

3306 rider says he was threatened with a knife

2074 drive let max worry about itself

2041 he’s in the ditch

1510🌟john🌟 she’s yelling at him she left

Guy doesn’t like Trimet apparently

1709 he fell into the ditch

Bus driver wants to be done

202 little Leon

too many cars

Assault on the bus

867 missed the turn

1705 man is stuck by the hook in his wheelchair Mathew said let him suffer

2039 forgot to leave 😂😂

7235 torture


5471 dispatch says shut up and let me talk accept your torture 

2074 failed transit system

7507 ditch requested the other driver was just driving 

3302 pulled out of service

5969 torture

7010 hit a pole

Failed transit system

1520 failed transit system

15 driver getting tortured very excited

Another disappointed rider

Bus bridge mayhem

1502 chemical smell

674 dispute in the back

3514 “we are dealing with bus drivers”

234 HoTtt ðŸ¥µ 

3501 spots man in the ditch ⚰️

Mike has a horn problem

2041 is full of max riders

Michael is on the bus 🆘


2037 mirrors

9676 did the supervisor check it out Ya they did DRIVE

2141 person of interest- cops want him

3305 rear ended

672 has “this guy in my face”

7260 tapped a bike tire

204 he’s in the ditch ⚰️

218 “this is ridiculous “

3568 police with dogs

2035 pulled for the fucking max no they didn’t pull her

Spot mirror shattered

675 failed transit system 2041 fails 1514 fails more fails 1409 fails 77 fails 675 fails keep pulling those buses

Ditch person in the shelter

He’s drinking malt liquor leave him in the ditch

The go ahead with her traffic report

7203 mask drama

Somebody bad got off

203 seat in shelter is bent diagonal

 1202 airbags

5768 yelling, drinking AND not wearing a mask

1601 mirror taken off

901 no sanitizer

7506 man is wedged in the bus no transport heroin 

678 is taking a break and getting the bus cleaned

8870 don’t turn off the bus  dispatch knows nothing who cares just drive 

7501 missed the woman got cursed out

7248 saves them all 😇

3508 torture

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