Thursday, April 1, 2021

TriMet scanner March 31 (0000-1200)


235 he’s gonna fall over

Kill them all cans👹

Bike rack sign falling off

3568 torture

Keep them in the ditch ⚰️

470 torture

He’s beating the crap out of her

673 he took his pants off  bynom makes joke

7335 another mask drama

GREG had a problem still not happy

Wants cleaners at Jantzen beach

3568 his underpants were down Bynum says DRIVE 

Bad guy gets on bus 7007 spit at the bus

Guys gonna fall out of seat

17 bus complains about 8 bus

15 torture

7510 he’s in the ditch driver says KTA just drive for Christ sakes 

2067 needles and garbage

7510 requests ditch

403 torture

940 open container also no mask 😱 frequent flyer 

6603 guy spitting at bus

In the ditch 2143 clearly out of his mind

Ditch refused 2:39 am

Still on bus bridge 3am

469 torture

7245 torture

7004 seatbelt you can drive in the yard without a seatbelt 😂

3568 torture

Something is not opening up


408 he’s in the ditch ⚰️

When you ask a question they give you nonsense answers

He said he was gonna blow my brains out

He wants to go home. Approved

It’s 12:30 am and the fucking bus bridge is still going

1512 stuck at max crossing

He doesn’t want to work anymore but he’ll do it

Bus bridge blues. Lots of background took a swing at a rail supervisor and the cops

7253 he keeps walking up and down and won’t stop talking

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