Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It appears that Jon has been flexing his muscle again, this time replacing the step 3 ATU representative Khris Alexander with his brother Jeff. Although his brother Jeff is a very  personable man he works in maintenance and is not very familiar with operator issues.

Obviously using family members in various appointed positions does not give the impression of "transparency".

Reliable sources have informed me that Mr Alexander was replaced because he had lost his enthusiasm for the picketing and various demonstrations. He wanted to concentrate on his regular elected duties.
I've been questioning the effectiveness of the picketing myself.

There has been an issue with people showing up at their step 3 hearings. If you don't show up to defend your case you are risking a successful appeal.

One of the rail maintenance reps has not spent a full week working at Trimet for the last year due to union business. How much union business is there that it would take an employee off their regular jobs for a whole year?

The union won't pay for Rose Jordan to attend the national black caucus meeting?

ATU 757 policy of not accepting emails "due to cyber attacks" is very questionable. The entire world accepts emails as documentary evidence  of official communications but our union doesn't? Seems pretty simple to verify the sender of emails to me. Of course it makes it harder to conduct business when that business refuses to enter into the modern world.

Is ATU757 Violating section 13.17?


pstransitoperators said...

757 could eliminate the issue of "cyber attacks" (which by the way is a completely retarded claim - if they don't have anti-virus software then they shouldn't be playing with computers) by allowing all members to have an account. Very inexpensive to provide users with a domain-based web, POP, or IMAP email account a-la gmail.

Your Local sounds corrupt as all hell. How long have you guys been without a contract now?

Anonymous said...

crazy stuff and didnt your union president get a dui ?

Khris A said...

Amazing How Word Travels Fast at Trimet I found Out From A NonUnion Officer But I sacrificed Enough Of My Family Time Now I'm Going to go By The Book Even If I Get Stripped Of My Union Duties For Speaking Up Publicly I will Still Have A Job At Trimet When I'm Not An Officer.cheers !