Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reporter from PSU's Vanguard interviews me


Anonymous said...

#1."Poverty creates crime ".This is an accurate and astute observation, so we agree.

#2."MAX is an unsupervised place". This is a more obvious observation and the root of the problem of which you don't delve into. The lack of security personnel, the lack of Cctv on the trains and platforms, and the lack of barriers (ie. turnstiles) to entry are just a few factors that seem to make it much less safe than it could be. A lot of it comes down to funds, yet if you can't secure, maintain, and improve service on what you already have (including buses) , how can you justify expansion (Milwaukie)?

Max said...

1) There's no lack of cameras on trains & platforms (or busses for that matter).

2) There's this assumption that MAX isn't safe; and I couldn't disagree more. I've never felt unsafe on the MAX.

3) I don't understand how turnstiles would make any difference. Can't people (you know, the sort who don't belong there) just hop over them?

Al M said...

Turnstiles put up one more barrier..
Leaving it 'wide open' just increases the chance of something happening...

Erik H. said...

1) There's no lack of cameras on trains & platforms (or busses for that matter).

Oh, really?

Explain why many 1400s, 1600s, 1700s, 1800s and 1900s don't have cameras.

Explain why the vast, vast, vast majority of bus stops lack cameras.

Explain why transit centers that are not served by MAX don't have security cameras, and even then the bus area is not covered by the security cameras (I don't believe there are security cameras at Beaverton TC in the bus area...there are definitely NOT cameras at Tigard TC or Barbur Boulevard TC).

Today on my eight mile trek on TriMet, the only surveillence cameras were the ODOT traffic cameras at 217/99W, and at 99W/Bertha Boulevard. Which TriMet doesn't seem to use to actual monitor highway conditions that could affect bus service because TriMet never posts service alerts to advise bus riders of heavy traffic delays, but the second a WES train has a hiccup it's like a six ring circus at TriMet's Media office.

Max said...

Erik maybe you need to read what I was responding to. It didn't mention anything about buses at all.

Or are you just whining about the same stuff, yet again?