Monday, February 27, 2012

One of my favorite anti Neil Oregonian quotes

Where I have concerns is in the number of managers needed:
Seven Executive Directors: "Legal Services", "Capital Projects", "Operations Administration", "Communications & Technology Administration", "Government Affairs", and two "Finance Administration" Executive Directors. All but one of these positions could be eliminated, and even that one "Operations Administration" could be merged with the General Manager's duties if he'd spend less time on the speaking circuit, less time on an airplane, and more time dealing with the transit system he's supposed to be running. That would save a million in unnecessary labor.
Or the 13 "Director II"s, the 17 "Director I"s, the 63 "Manager II"s or the 12 "Manager I"s. Or the 9 "Analysts", the 9 "Landscape Maintenance Mechanics", the 6 "Accountants" AND the 5 "Financial Analysts", the 3 "Database Administrators", the 3 "Business Systems Analysts", the 3 "PC Specialists", the 14 "Programmer Systems Analysts", and the 14 "Software Systems Engineers". The 3 "Graphics Designers". 7 "General Counsel" and 4 "Litigation Specialists". 3 "Executive Secretaries".


punkrawker4783 said...

PLUS Health Benefits!

Al M said...

Plus dental!

Anonymous said...

It looks like nobody want's to drive a bus there?

Do you Trimet people hate people or what?