Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Averting a citywide transit strike, SEPTA made an expensive peace with its largest union Tuesday, but it riled riders in predicting a fare increase by July 1.
Expect a hike of about 15 cents, to $1.75 for a single token, SEPTA spokesman Richard Maloney said. The exact figure will be released this week. That price is equal to bus fare in San Diego, the highest in the nation.
SEPTA's current $1.60 charge, however, masks major discounts for multiple purchases of tokens for subway, bus and trolley rides. For example, a two-pack of tokens now sells for $2.30.

 SEPTA settles, but fare rise nettles A fare increase of about 15 cents can be expected as part of the agreement. Riders quickly announced their displeasure. -


punkrawker4783 said...

Theres something TriMet USED to do, but no longer does, Sell packs of tickets for a discount to encourage pre-paid fares over cash fares.

The Viagra part of the story was interesting.

John M said...

Someone else has a good benefit package, I guess Neill will stop telling everyone we have "arguably the best in the country" Lets keep Arguing

Steve Fung said...

That article is 11 years old.I doubt whether the fares are 1.75 in 2012.

Al M said...

That was sent to me yesterday didn't even occur to me to check out the date!

punkrawker4783 said...

Well, with that, here are todays fares on SEPTA:

Bus/Trolley/Subway Singles fares are $2, Tokens (available in packs of 2 or more) come to $1.55/ride. Transfers are $1. Thats right, need to transfer, thats $1, need to transfer again, thats another $1. There are some limited free transfer privileges.

Commuter rail ranges from $3.50-$8.75 for a one way advance ticket (You can buy tickets on board for a surcharge). Discounts are given for Round Trip, Evening and weekend fares. RT fares range from $7-$17.50.

A weekly transpass is $22, Monthly $83, Valid for one zone rides (Most bus/trolley/subway routes). A TrailPass is zone based (for commuter rail and all services the Transpass covers) and ranges from $91-$191/month. There is a pass for riders who do not travel in to City Center Philadelphia for $75, and is valid on commuter rail only weekdays, or an all services outside the city for $103, but you can go into the city weekends/holidays.

One day passes are $11 for all services, or $7 for bus/trolley/subway only (no commuter rail).

A commuter rail monthly pass from Philly to NYC can be purchased for $612, travel time is about 2-2.5 hours one way.

Al M said...

Big city transit, not cow city transit