Monday, February 27, 2012


Great, just what we need is another "board" to tell us what is wrong with TriMet, oh sorry, what's wrong with the horrible Union Employees who want decent pay for a hard days work. The people that actually make "TriMet Roll" every day. The ones that are up at 3am to get the buses and trains ready for first pull out of the day. The people who are up all night working on the buses, trains, overhead wires, track maintenance, while management eat dinner, having a night cap and off to dream land. The employees that saved TriMet millions of dollars working on "PIP" (Productivity Improvement Process), to streamline processes and make TriMet more efficient. Oh, what happened to the money that was saved by PIP? We were all praised by management for all of our hard work and input towards making TriMet a better place for everyone. Had Neil McFarlane come to the table with something that was at least "not laughable" I'm sure the union would have been open to dialogue. Across this great country working people are being told to take one for the team, while corporate earnings are the highest they have ever been. Neil's opinion on who he considers "critical" people to hire are different than mine. Without the people that get their hands dirty, have limited bathroom breaks, shear fingers off while truing a train wheel, inhale chemicals, work with 750 volts of electricity that can kill you in an instant, get spit on, cussed at, these are the "critical" workers in my opinion. It is back breaking and emotionally draining work and the workers deserve every penny they earn.
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