Sunday, February 26, 2012


Despite a propaganda campaign who's viciousness is worthy of Nazi Germany, Macfarlane is not living in dumbfuck America.  Most Portlander's have an education that enables them to see above Macfarlanes gambit of using the unionized workers as scapegoats for management bungling. Of course there are the usual anti union baters, who will never be happy until all American workers are living at the Standard of the Chinese workers, but the majority of Portlander's see right through that nonsense. The following are some of the COMMENTS from the Joe Rose Oregonian article. The Oregonian by the way is rabid anti union.

And McFarland wants to pretend -- while pandering to the PBA & City Club crowd -- that no one sat across from the union during contract negotiations. Or made those other poor decisions unrelated to unions detailed by other commenters in this thread.

I work full time for TM, I pay over 220 dollars a month for my so called free insurance. TM shops around and contracts out with the providers. The union doesn't . Instead of blaming the workers who want affordable plans , ask why TM contracts out with BCBS and why is it so expensive? Is there a kick back? We are given only two choices for a provider. I am sure there are plenty of competing plans out there that would love to have the business.
I love the way the present TM regime pleads poverty and blames the union for all it's money woes.. but there always seems to be a new pot of money to be dug up when the bossman wants to hire some crony for an obscure job with a lofty title that has no real function . He too has suckled from the taxpayers a long time as an engineer in Capital Projects. His buds have no jobs unless TM is always expanding and building something. The real estate develpers love this sysytem.
Unfortunately, they have forgotten about the existing infrastructure and the real mission TM should have. Robbing Peter to pay Paul finally left Peter with nothing. The Governor should abolish the entire board and agency and turn over the operation of TM to another entity . That would leave the McFarlane administration with time to learn how to operate a bus part time , split shift with lousy medical. I am sure there will be openings.

The transit employees are not responsible for skyrocketing health care costs. Talk to Blue Cross executives about why costs continue to increase at over 10 times the rate of inflation. It is sad that McFarlane is more interested in blaming union workers than addressing the actual source of the problem.

I don't oppose the two sides working out a new deal since they got the one they have together. How about if the GM makes a good faith pledge to reduce all executive take home pay by the same percentage cut they are asking union workers to take? How about if the GM shows everyone the financial planning going into the operation and maintenance of light rail lines now built and those proposed? Right now they are using "free money" from Washington, D.C. for capital construction but they must have a plan in the future because the current and proposed fares don't come close (please don't tell me they are looking at another bond measure like the one trounced at the polls). Someone ought to ask just how much Trimet has spent at CH2M and other consultants.

Awesome. The benefits that these union workers receive are likely at the high end of the pay and benefit curve. When the top end of the curve is chopped off, guess what, the entire curve shifts lower. Don't think that those in power, whether in government or private industry or union or non-union, won't take notice and use it as justification to, in turn, adjust the pay and benefits lower to reflect the new adjusted "norm". Then of course the highest paid workers will again be adjusted lower to reflect "economic realities of today". And so it will continue because all unions are "money grabbing turds". I, for one, look forward to 7 day work weeks and child labor when the "economic realities of today" call for it in the not-so-distant future (

Actually if you would do some research you would find that the fed government cut some transportation funding and that is why Tri Met is short the 17 really has nothing to do with the union... IT is McFarlands excuse.......Also McFarland should tell the media how much his bonus is so everything can be out there and the public can complain about that also, instead of complaining just about the people who work there that start out at $13.00 an hr..and yes the longer you are there the more your wages go up...... Listening to Neil you would think that employees not only make ALL these wages but then get every benefit out there for free which is not true... Again people DO YOUR RESEARCH... When they publically show employees wages that includes benefits such as vacation time, Holidays off. healthcare, FMLA and every other little thing we receive that a lot of other people do to that hold full time decent jobs...We are not your enemy... We just want to have a cost of living raise and decent treatment but when we are slammed in the public, continually by Neil McFarland it really makes it hard to want to cooperate with the management at TriMet..Which The Oregonian and Oregonlive love to print ONLY what he says, but never gets any other comments from the other side... I find that amazing in it self,, And the fight will go on...Oh not really...The federal gov found McFarland and Tri Met guilty of breaking numerous federal laws during this union negotiation so now we go back to our old contract of 3 years ago... YEA!!! for us...Did we win!!!!! Tell me what you really think...

If you spend three decades pandering to the condo developers, contractors, trade unions, light rail lobbyists, and other friends of Neil Goldschmidt, NOBODY TAKES YOU SERIOUSLY WHEN YOU PUT ALL THE BLAME ON THE TRANSIT WORKERS' UNION. The union didn't build WES, or pick a bankrupt vendor. The union didn't choose to kill busy bus lines to subsidize MAX. The union isn't the reason why Milwauikie Light Rail will likely push Tri-Met into insolvency. That's all on Tri-Met's Board of Directors and executive team.

The union didn't build WES, or pick a bankrupt vendor.
And TriMet proclaimed that WES would be cost-effective and would operate with just ONE TriMet employee, a manager to oversee the contractor.
Instead, it was TriMet that decided to hire a "Director II" at $164,863.95 in annual compensation who is a non-union guy, a "Manager II" at $98,868.24 in annual compensation who is a non-union guy, an "Assistant" at $41,928.32 annual compensation who is a non-union guy...and then two "Helper MOW Cleaners" who make either $105K or $71K in annual compensation, and a Commuter Rail Maintenance Department that has eight employees - THREE OF WHOM are non-union "Assistant Supervisors" making between $88K and $134K a year in annual compensation.
And...not ONE of those people can legally operate WES, which requires an Engineer and a Conductor under Federal Railroad Administration rules. (At least they are contracted out to Portland & Western Railroad and not TriMet employees.)
The union had no problem with contracting out WES since TriMet didn't already operate a commuter rail system previously and thus WES didn't displace any union work...yet TriMet decided that it needed THIRTEEN employees to do the work that TriMet claimed it needed just ONE employee to do.
Exactly how was the union responsible for that?

What about TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane salary? He is paid over 215,000.00 dollars per year. Not to mention huge bonus. Joseph Rose should investigate his and other upper management pay and retirement pays. The last GM gets a retirement now. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $180,00.00 dollars. Cut their pay and bonus and see how they feel. They wont, they just want to blame the employees and not take responsibility for their bad management.

Another thumbs up here. McFarlane is a liar and the Oregonian is behaving like gossiping junior high kids instead of actual journalists.

This financial reality has been known for years. It is political brinkmanship-there is no way to make the future financial outlook positive without reducing the pay and benefits of union and management employees. PERS retirees do not get their health benefits paid for. If they did the PERS would be in the same shape as Tri-Met.
The Legislature took care of that in 2003. Even if Tri-Met took the step of making their employees contribute their own earning into a 401 (k) type of retirement account and eliminated the health care at no cost to the retiree for life, it is too late. The payroll tax won't bail Tri-Met out because the City of Portland's police and fire bureau's are also going bankrupt.
This is one social engineering program Portland voters will not approve when asked to increase taxes they pay by the amounts needed for Tri-Met, and the police and fire bureaus.
And what a shame for all of people who need a bus ride to get around. Shame, shame on the cabal of social engineers who have steered this bus into the Willamette River. What an irony-the most sustainable city in the world is the goal, but what do you have, 11 urban renewal districts and now four mini-districts. Urban renewal is supposed to eliminate blight. Well, Portland spends 34% of property tax collections on urban renewal. Eliminate these districts and return the tax proceeds to the city that must have mass transit to support its existence. Tri-Met will stand first in line for those money. Watch the homeless population continue to grow.

bullcrap.quit dumping money into light rail cause nobody wants it.losers in society ride it for free into descent neighborhoods and commit crimes.there is a lightrail crime on the news at least twice a week.dont blame the unions.they would pay trimet drivers minimum wages if they could get away with it

The Portland metro area is represented to the rest of the country as a progressive transportation paradise, now Trimet admits the magic subsidized bus, fareless square, and the gravy train are headed toward a financial disaster. Hello Portland, there's more to sustainable than 2 week old garbage and green catch phrases.

All the people whining about cost of the health care benefits need to consider what the real problem is: Americans can't afford health care. If tri-met can't afford it, how are the workers going to? This same thing keeps coming up over and over. In every other modern country, everyone is covered at about half what we Americans pay, employers don't have to negotiate anything, and people's health is better. We've created a nightmare that no-one can afford and doesn't work.

Health care is not affordable. If so, more people would have it.
Keep dreaming.
Basically, your solution to health care is to keep people from going to the doctor via high co-pays, where preventative visits to the doctor prove to reduce costs in the long run.
I guess we should now recommend people not get screened for prostate cancer and breast exams, etc. because they are now deemed arbitrarily "frivolous."

Why are you asking the drivers to cut back to go with the economic times but not the McFarlane and the rest of the overpaid management? That's were the real money is - and that's why he is pointing everyone in the direction of the drivers and the union. He is using disinformation because he knows people like you would rather blindly follow what he is saying than actually use some critical thinking skills and ask about what he is intentionally not talking about.

Mcfarlane is not telling the entire story. The union employees have been paying a portion of their benefits for the last 14 months. I have been paying $226 a month myself. This wasn't voted on by the union. Trimet has forced it on the union employees. Trimet broke the law in bargaining for a new contract and is now paying the price for it after losing multiple ULPs with the Oregon Employee Relation Board. They didn't want to negotiate and wanted to shove a bad contract down our throat. I hope the union employees have enough pride to stand up for their rights. They took a 5% paycut years ago and never did get it back. Took a pay freeze as well.
As far as the health insurance goes Trimet can go out and find different insurance carriers. They have chosen not to. It's easier to just blame the union for the problem. I don't believe many union employees would argue over a higher copay or possibly paying a portion of premiums. It has to do with the way Trimet is negotiating in bad faith.
After the union took a paycut last time management gave themselves all raises. That would leave a very bad taste in my mouth had i worked there at the time.
Our previous GM (Fred Hansen) did nothing but build more lightrail and take funds away from the bus side. Now we are left with an aging fleet and can't afford to operate the lightrail we do have. Mr Fred Hanson has moved on and collecting a 186K a year pension plus benefits after 10 YEARS of service. I believe Mr Mcfarlane is heading down the same path. Making 215K,building more lightrail that we can't afford to operate and attempting to break the union.
But his Father was a union employee and he has the greatest respect for us. I would believe this if he quit the propaganda and quit leaving some important info out.

"unsustainable perks" Health care is a must for someone working in public transport. Only an ignorant fool would scoff at it. They are exposed to every person that comes on those vehicles and they do not get to screen out anyone. They are in contact with all sorts of contagious diseases without the benefit of protective gear that medical staff get. They do a job that comes with an increase in major health conditions. And their job is dangerous. Not only from the danger of being on the road with some of the worst drivers in the country, but also from outright acts of violence against transit workers which has been on the rise.
And they have to do this all for trimet - who is not willing to back them up for any reason. And apparently for ungrateful aholes like you. Get a car and stay off of public transit - you don't deserve to be driven around by these people.

TriMet could very well reduce or eliminate overtime pay. Those Operators who are raking in six figure salaries would end. BUT...since TriMet still needs adequate drivers to run the schedules, it would either have to hire a LOT of Operators to cover the shifts, OR drastically reduce service to match the available labor.
A new employee costs more than allowing overtime - because you have to pay the benefits for the new employee. It's easier to find a willing worker who wants to pad their paycheck. So some of them take more advantage of the situation than have some employees that are in their 50s or so, maybe no children, maybe not married...they don't have anything better to do, so why not earn some more bucks? Nothing wrong with that. They're performing a service that we asked them to do - drive a bus and transport people.
Where I have concerns is in the number of managers needed:
Seven Executive Directors: "Legal Services", "Capital Projects", "Operations Administration", "Communications & Technology Administration", "Government Affairs", and two "Finance Administration" Executive Directors. All but one of these positions could be eliminated, and even that one "Operations Administration" could be merged with the General Manager's duties if he'd spend less time on the speaking circuit, less time on an airplane, and more time dealing with the transit system he's supposed to be running. That would save a million in unnecessary labor.
Or the 13 "Director II"s, the 17 "Director I"s, the 63 "Manager II"s or the 12 "Manager I"s. Or the 9 "Analysts", the 9 "Landscape Maintenance Mechanics", the 6 "Accountants" AND the 5 "Financial Analysts", the 3 "Database Administrators", the 3 "Business Systems Analysts", the 3 "PC Specialists", the 14 "Programmer Systems Analysts", and the 14 "Software Systems Engineers". The 3 "Graphics Designers". 7 "General Counsel" and 4 "Litigation Specialists". 3 "Executive Secretaries".

SP Red Electric February 24, 2012 at 8:48PM

McFarlane is flat out being dishonest with the public and is pitting people against people to suit his own personal agenda. His background is in building light rail lines and other mega-projects like the Convention Center; he has ZERO experience in actual day-to-day operations of anything, and right now he's protecting his babies (specifically WES and MAX but also the Portland Streetcar) - and willing to sacrifice anything to get his way.
Never mind that TriMet consistently refuses to address many of my 24 specific ways TriMet could cut its budget.
Never mind that TriMet need make only TWO CUTS to balance its budget (before the recent ruling against TriMet for negotiating in bad faith) - cut WES, and cut the Portland Streetcar subsidy. Those two cuts would actually put TriMet $1 million into the black...and there's 22 other things TriMet could do that would put TriMet on very solid financial footing for years to come.
However, those conflict with Neil McFarlane's dream of being an empire builder...he wants to build big because he is bought and paid for by the light rail special interests...TriMet used to be a transit agency; now it's a corporate welfare agency that just happens to provide a small amount of public transit. That's clearly evident by the fact McFarlane is willing to sacrifice service before other internal cuts - cuts that would have ZERO impact to the public.
Why does TriMet need a Capital Projects department with 127 employees and a payroll of $10.3 million? These folks do NOTHING but plan new light rail lines - they do not a single thing for day-to-day operations. The immediate termination of these 127 engineers would not affect one person's bus or MAX commute.
Why does TriMet need an I.T. department of 50 employees and a payroll of $4.8 million? 13 programmers, and 14 software engineers? For WHAT? And SEVEN Manager IIs whom make between $97K and $144K a year?
Or how about TriMet's "Marketing" Department of 35 employees who make a total of $2.5 million a year...what do they market? When's the last time you saw a TriMet advertisement on TV for a bus line? (And, that doesn't count the amount of work TriMet contracts out to external vendors for advertising!!)
Or the $2.2 million in labor expense for the Streetcar - which isn't even a TriMet function, but is owned and operated by the City of Portland. (And, TriMet shares in the operating expense of the Streetcar - the city of Portland isn't paying TriMet for the labor.)
For other cost-cutting suggestions may I suggest:

SP Red Electric February 24, 2012 at 8:49PM

1. Eliminate WES.
(If WES cannot be eliminated, then all extra amenities shall be discontinued such as Wireless Internet and Transit Tracker signs, fares shall be moved to a distance based fare (i.e. minimum fare of $3.00 for a Beaverton TC-Hall Boulevard ride, and $7.00 for a ride from Beaverton to Wilsonville) with no transfer privileges, and daily parking rates shall be instituted. Also, WES should reduce service to a 40 minute headway, allowing two-train operation and eliminating one train from service.)
2. Eliminate the City of Portland Streetcar subsidy. TriMet has no legal or moral obligation to subsidize a transit operation that is directly in conflict and in competition with itself.
(If the Streetcar funding cannot be eliminated, then TriMet shall move to eliminate duplicative service within the Streetcar area - the 77 line would be truncated at Rose Garden, the 17 line would be merged with the 16 line along Front Avenue, the 15 line would be eliminated, and the 35 and 36 lines would run express through South Waterfront without making local stops.)
3. Eliminate the Capital Projects Division. (We can't afford what we have; we surely can't afford to add more.)
4. Institute fees to park in TriMet Owned & Operated parking lots, between $5 and $8 per day depending on the lot and location.
5. Restructure the fare system:
$2.00 per boarding on the bus. $1.00 for seniors, disabled citizens and youth.
$3.00 per boarding during rush hours and on Express buses (no discount for seniors, disabled or youth)
$5.00 all-day bus pass
Distance-Based Fares on MAX
See above for WES; no discounts on WES for seniors, disabled or youth.
If Streetcar cannot be eliminated, TriMet's subsidy WILL be reduced using a formula of the number of Streetcar riders who do NOT pay the regular fare, multipled by $2.00. (This includes riders who use the "$100 Annual Streetcar and Tram Pass". TriMet will also require that the City of Portland pay for audits of ridership (that must be verifiable) to calculate this. In addition, TriMet shall annually post on its website an audited report showing the costs of services provided to the City of Portland for Streetcar service (labor and maintenance costs), the "subsidy" TriMet pays to the City, ridership, and what amount of the ridership is actually paying a valid TriMet fare.
6. Outsource all ancillary but non-operating TriMet functions, such as H.R. and I.T. Determine if cost-savings can be obtained if these functions are merged or aligned with other government agencies to combine resources.
7. Eliminate all management and administrative staff who are not mission critical. Mission Critical is defined as a person, task, responsibility, department or function that is DIRECTLY involved in either the operation of public transportation or the maintenance of public transportation to the extent that a failure of maintenance could result in a service disruption. This includes any employee involved with bike projects, "sustainability", "equity", "diversity" or similar titles.
8. Eliminate all planning for future MAX and rail lines. This includes Barbur and Vancouver MAX proposals.
9. Eliminate all TriMet motor pool vehicles that are not directly used in the provision of public transportation or maintenance of the system. (If a TriMet staffer can't get to an off-site meeting by TriMet's own public transportation services, they don't need to go.)
10. Eliminate all out-of-town travel. No exceptions.
11. Eliminate all landscaping for TriMet facilities.
12. Eliminate TriMet's involvement in "social media"; eliminate any and all outside "feel good" messaging and advertising - any advertising or publicity MUST be related to actual service delivery or a legally mandated notice.
13. Eliminate any and all involvement in real estate aside from what is required for service delivery. TriMet is not a development agency.
14. Eliminate any and all TriMet "sponsorship" of events.
15. Require that TriMet take all steps necessary to secure paid advertising on TriMet vehicles and facilities. Contract advertising at all MAX stations.
16. Install timers that shut off electric supply to TriMet MAX and WES stations and P&R facilities when not in use.
17. Eliminate Transit Tracker - OR, remove schedule information and plyons from MAX stations. (This was done for bus stops.)
18. Immediate, across the board 25% salary cut for all managers and above.
19. Immediate, across the board benefits reductions for all managers and above - managers must pay 25% of healthcare premiums (for themselves, and the entire cost for spouses and dependents), eliminate pension and convert to a 401(k) (or the public government equivalent of such) with a fixed contribution rather than a fixed benefit, and reductions in other benefits that are paid for by TriMet.
20. TriMet shall immediately institute plans to renew its entire bus fleet, including a purchase of at least 100 high capacity articulated buses and 100 to 200 smaller community buses (to replace the 1600 and 1900 series and to right-size service on routes that must use a larger bus simply out of necessity due to a lack of smaller vehicles), all of which must be brand new, hybrid-electric propulsion buses. TriMet shall without limitation seek any and all funding sources, including city, county, state, Metro and federal funding for these buses. Doing so will reduce ongoing maintenance and fuel expenses compared to current bus operating costs.
21. Once articulated buses are in service, TriMet will reduce mid-day and weekend service on Frequent Service routes (where applicable) from 15 to 20 minute headways; this will result in three buses per hour instead of four, or a 25% decrease in fuel and labor expense on those trips.
22. TriMet shall end the practice of interlining unless it can be proven that such practices improve customer service AND decrease operational expense. Far too often interlined buses are delayed far off of their route causing dissatisfaction and increased overtime expense. In addition too many Operators are fatigued from long trips without breaks, and shorter routes will ensure drivers are properly rested for their trips - eliminating overtime, healthcare expense, absenteeism, the cost of extra board trips, and improving customer service (and ridership).
23. Eliminate the Free Rail Zone.
24. Ensure that LIFT service is only being provided in accordance with federal law. Currently TriMet allows a "door to door" service, meaning a LIFT rider can request a ride from their home in Forest Grove to a destination in Gresham if they so desired. This is clearly outside the intent of the LIFT system which is ONLY to connect riders who cannot access regular transit points to access transit, or cannot get from a transit point to their destination. TriMet shall reduce LIFT service so that it does just that - gets a rider TO a TriMet Transit Center or stop or station, or "door to door" service within three miles only. Also, LIFT service is only supposed to be available when the transit service for the general public is available. If the rider lives in an area where the only bus service is weekday rush hours, then the LIFT service - PER FEDERAL LAW - is only required during those same hours. If there's no Saturday service, there should be no Saturday LIFT service. LIFT service was never intended to be "above and beyond service" for a select group of riders. And TriMet needs to eliminate the use of the larger cutaway buses and use only sedans and minivans (for those who use wheelchairs and scooters) that cost less to operate. I have never seen a "full-sized LIFT bus" with more than two or three riders in it...yet those vehicles are designed to hold 20 passengers (and thus require a CDL to operate.)

ojos February 24, 2012 at 9:12PM

SP Red Electric. I wish they would hire you to advise them or help them run the agency. I agree WES is an anchor on their bottom line. TRIMET is good at building Light Rail extensions but is bumping up against the cost of operation once it is running. I just do not see how they will succeed in running this new line they are building. Even if they drop ALL bus service in the affected area, I still think they will be under water cost wise.
If I am correct, there are not that many part and ride lots associated with this new MAX line under construction. Those two costs as well as the other suggestions you have made seem to me to make much sense. As for the union side, let them make suggestions to help lower TRIMET's cost structure. I bet they have some that would work! Just give them a try and see what happens. TRIMET might be surprised at their willingness to help. Again, I sure wish SP Red Electric was working for TRIMET and they were enacting his suggestions.

Steve Buckstein February 24, 2012 at 9:29PM

SP, you say that Tri-Met is not a development agency, but it thinks it is. Transit is not there to serve people; people are there to serve transit. In conjunction with local and regional governments it seeks to direct where people live, work, shop, etc. Now that it is coming apart financially, perhaps it will abandon its grand schemes and try to meet consumer demand rather than direct it.

Peasant Pundit February 25, 2012 at 8:10AM

SP - you know your stuff. The Oregonian needs to publish an op-ed from you where you can gather all your points into one piece.
As for my own take: As far as Tri-Met bus drivers criticized for being paid more (in wages or benefits) than other transit agencies - that's just part of the race to the bottom for blue collar workers in this country.
Driving a transit bus is hard work - much harder and more stressful than flying a 747. When you drive a bus you're on the front lines, dealing with the public inside and outside of the bus, abusive passengers and crazy drivers.
And yet, so many folks seem to want to beat up on bus drivers for trying to maintain a decent life. This anger is misdirected.

richard2 February 24, 2012 at 8:57PM

TriMet management, years ago, agreed to benefits that could never, ever, be funded.
They ignored it while lavishing management with unjust enrichment.
Light Rail is not wanted or affordable yet TriMet is now planning on borrowing 10s of millions for PMLR against operations revenue they know will not be available.
Everything about PMLR is insane. That's why they have conspired to avoid any new voter approved dedicated funding.
Instead they are borrowing and pilfering existing government revenue streams to pay the debt.
And all the while lying lying lying.
Now with the federal match for PMLR at risk officials are flying to DC to lobby for it even though their constituents do not want it and are in rebellion to stop it.
And McFarlane blames ATU? This is sickening.
The short story here is all of the TriMet, Light Rail critics have been right for many years.
TriMet officials and board members ignore with disdain and condescension every single warning even from their own independent auditors.
When they reported and additional $40 million per year was needed for retiree health care they ignored it.
Now an additional $70 million per years is needed and McFarlane won't even bring it up.
All of the TriMet- Metro agenda is in chaos as expected.

dundeesage February 25, 2012 at 7:37AM

As an economy measure, TriMet is replacing that dear #94 Tigard Cannonball with a flatbed trailer fitted with web troop seats from a war-surplus C-130.
Your ruthless suggestions are falling on deaf ears. There is a reknown train entitled "Empire Builder" - hence this legacy must be carried on.

OGReally February 24, 2012 at 11:59PM

I would love to know how much money Joseph Rose is getting from TriMet higher ups to be their mouthpiece. How come no one in the Portland media ever asks them any questions like:
How much is salaries and benefits of TriMet management costing? (Especially McFarlane)
Why, if TriMet is doing so poorly, are the management still getting raises and bonuses?
How much of a salary reduction are the management willing to take?
Will the management be willing to give up their cadillac insurance plans?
Why isn't TriMet reducing excessive management positions?
I suggest the first thing TriMet cuts from their budget are Joseph Rose and all the other media they've bought.

put3intheireyes February 25, 2012 at 3:51AM

McFarlane benefits his whole life from Unions now he wants to screw them.
He blames the Union for following the rules not to strike.
Deny responsibility....make counter acusations...blame others.
he needs to go.

codanow2010 February 25, 2012 at 8:40AM


Organization Title First Name Last Name Pay Other Benefits* Retirement1 Total
General Manager 1110|General Manager Frederic J Hansen $247,071.70 $14,562.48 See note 1 $261,634.18
Legal Services 1115|Executive Director Malcolm B (Brian) Playfair $192,393.55 $14,562.48 See note 1 $206,956.03
Capital Projects 1115|Executive Director Neil S McFarlane $184,690.92 $14,562.48 See note 1 $199,253.40
Capital Projects 1125|Director II Daniel W Blocher $166,029.26 $13,062.48 See note 1 $179,091.74
Operations Administration 1115|Executive Director Stephen R Banta $177,896.24 $0.00 See note 1 $177,896.24
Legal Services 1125|Director II Jana Toran $161,290.95 $13,062.48 See note 1 $174,353.43
Communications & Technology Administration 1115|Executive Director Carolyn Young $159,712.10 $14,562.48 See note 1 $174,274.58
Human Resources 1125|Director II Colleen M Sexton $154,055.85 $13,062.48 See note 1 $167,118.33
Commuter Rail Operations 1125|Director II Jeffrey S Lowe $151,801.47 $13,062.48 See note 1 $164,863.95
Capital Projects 1125|Director II Robert J (Rob) Barnard $147,636.26 $14,562.48 See note 1 $162,198.74
Governmental Affairs 1115|Executive Director Olivia N Clark $146,403.70 $14,562.48 See note 1 $160,966.18
Capital Projects 1125|Director II Vicki Barron $147,636.58 $13,062.48 See note 1 $160,699.06
Information Technology 1125|Director II Timothy J McHugh $145,393.90 $13,062.48 See note 1 $158,456.38
Capital Projects 1125|Director II Lyndon A Wilson $156,832.00 $0.00 See note 1 $156,832.00
Capital Projects 1135|Manager II Thomas Heilig $143,534.61 $13,062.48 See note 1 $156,597.09
Finance Administration 1115|Executive Director Beth deHamel $140,096.44 $13,062.48 See note 1 $153,158.92
Legal Services 2310|General Counsel Shelley Devine $134,750.00 $13,062.48 See note 1 $147,812.48
Information Technology 1135|Manager II Brett W Baylor $130,868.02 $13,062.48 See note 1 $143,930.50
Capital Projects 1735|Engineer Senior John V Swiecick $130,067.23 $13,062.48 See note 1 $143,129.71
Operations Administration 1125|Director II Daniel S Caufield $128,816.19 $13,062.48 See note 1 $141,878.67

doureallybelievealluread February 25, 2012 at 1:17PM

Actually if you would do some research you would find that the fed government cut some transportation funding and that is why Tri Met is short the 17 really has nothing to do with the union... IT is McFarlands excuse.......Also McFarland should tell the media how much his bonus is so everything can be out there and the public can complain about that also, instead of complaining just about the people who work there that start out at $13.00 an hr..and yes the longer you are there the more your wages go up...... Listening to Neil you would think that employees not only make ALL these wages but then get every benefit out there for free which is not true... Again people DO YOUR RESEARCH... When they publically show employees wages that includes benefits such as vacation time, Holidays off. healthcare, FMLA and every other little thing we receive that a lot of other people do to that hold full time decent jobs...We are not your enemy... We just want to have a cost of living raise and decent treatment but when we are slammed in the public, continually by Neil McFarland it really makes it hard to want to cooperate with the management at TriMet..Which The Oregonian and Oregonlive love to print ONLY what he says, but never gets any other comments from the other side... I find that amazing in it self,, And the fight will go on...Oh not really...The federal gov found McFarland and Tri Met guilty of breaking numerous federal laws during this union negotiation so now we go back to our old contract of 3 years ago... YEA!!! for us...Did we win!!!!! Tell me what you really think...

doureallybelievealluread February 25, 2012 at 1:21PM

This is the only way McFarland can have an excuse to raise the rates and cut routes.. Which will cut jobs...He can NOT just do it..He has to blame someone and of course that is the workers and not management.... Go for it Neil... They all believe you, it is easier than doing reaseach... How much transportation funding did the federal government cut...Oh about 17 mill for Tri Met... Imagine if management had to actually tell the truth... Good Job Neil!!!!!!!

skodagogo February 25, 2012 at 9:18PM

I work for Trimet and, first of all, the union employees earning the salaries above do so because they work a tremendous amount of overtime. There is a shortage of Operators and a lot of people aren't signing up for this thankless job. Additionally, many people cannot pass the Districts strict hiring standards. Generally, great benefits compensate for difficult, less desirable work situations. This is certainly the case at TriMet. The District has extended hiring for part-time drivers twice in the last year. Maybe you should apply? Secondly, most of my co-workers do not object to paying higher premiums. In fact, everyone who wanted to continue their former plan is now paying premiums. Our General Manager never mentions that, and he continues to use the most expensive family Blue Cross 22K figure as though every single employee has a 22k figure on their head. The Kaiser plan is significantly less expensive than Blue Cross. Neil keeps talking about 'math.' Well, here is some math to review. There is no operations money to run Milwaukie Light Rail. Even if you impose hefty co-pays and steep premium contributions on 2,000 or so employees, the lack of funds still exist. Who will Neil blame next? Maybe Board member Tiffany Swietzer, who, according to the Portland Tribune, raked in the cash running her illegal parking lot for three years, could contribute some money. Fred Hansen, who worked here 10 years, now earns 15k/month. How much will Neil Mcfarlane, who has already worked for TriMet 20 years, take home monthly when he retires? You do the math.

steavis February 26, 2012 at 12:43PM

Conveniently overlooks fact that each ride on WES cost $18 in subsidies out of TriMet's budget.
Then again, incompetents never recognize their own incompetence.

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