Tuesday, February 28, 2012


  • 1 hour of bus service (adjusted for inflation, 1995-2010) $135
    • fuel $10
    • wage for driver $35
    • fringe benefits for driver $33
    • fuel & tires $11
    • maintenance $22
    • nonvehicle maintenance $9
    • general admin $22
    • other $2
  • 1 hour of MAX service (adjusted for inflation, 1995-2010) $188
    • power $7
    • wage for driver $27
    • benefits for driver $24
    • maintenance $33
    • nonvehicle maintenance $40
    • general admin

    J said...

    Wait, what? MAX operators have a higher hourly pay than bus operators.

    Erik H. said...

    I agree:

    "Fuel" is counted twice for bus.
    Wage should be higher for MAX - fewer part-timers, more senior Operators.
    Benefits should be identical.

    Also, cost of fuel and electricity has not matched inflation...diesel fuel is in the $4-5/gallon ballpark; TriMet gets about 4 miles to the gallon, average speed is about 15 miles per hour, figure four gallons per hour, $20/gallon. Unfortunately data for kwh consumption per hour is a little harder to find.

    Also, there are many costs that are MAX specific such as borrowing/interest costs, the lease-back scheme costs, and a disproportionate cost of capital projects, marketing and such that are counted as "general admin". However bus would have a greater proportion of human resources costs (since there's more employees assigned to the bus system).