Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jack Bogdanski commentary

 Tri-Met brass: It's all the union's fault
The head of Portland's insolvent transit agency has taken to badmouthing his employees' unions these days. But he can't seem to make that the speech without a "planning" consultant from CH2M Hill next to him. Ah, those consultants -- who make the millions setting up money-burning rail projects like the insane WES train and the equally nutty Mystery Train to Milwaukie. Yes, the unions have overreached in recent years, but when Tri-Met ends up in bankruptcy and the workers get maneuvered out of their pensions, you won't see CH2M Hill giving back any money.
Tri-Met brass: It's all the union's fault (Jack Bog's Blog)

The O on Tri-Met: "All is well" 

Rah rah, siss boom bah, here's how Portland's newspaper "covers" its dying transit system. The headline writers over there must start drinking at breakfast. "With WES leading the way" -- yes, one of the biggest transit flops in history is certainly a fitting image for Tri-Met these days. The subsidy per boarding ride on that thing is $15. But hey, they make it up in volume.

The O on Tri-Met: "All is well" (Jack Bog's Blog)

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