Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Bus calls

Person has a gun
Bus going into baggage claim
He won’t get off the bus
Take the company car
It’s not your fault you’re not in trouble
Ada won’t be picked up
Door torture
Actual lift bus on standby
Refuses medical so you can’t have medical
I have something super weird to report, bullet hold
Missed the turn
Need more buses

Unsafe drivers seat. Fail
He’s throwing up all over the bus
Bus driver didn’t follow reroute
Fire him the bum
Dad drops child
He dumped food all over the seats
Please don’t use priority

Trouble on the max
I’m trying to shut down the hopper
I forgot to call the station agent
Scanner star 🌟
6” knife won’t pay for ticket
Why are u taking your route to dead head? I don’t know any other way
Heat instead of ac
I’m trying to brainstorm here
Naito is not closed
He’s very vulgar and rude
Worried about on time performance
She end up on the floor

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