Monday, July 29, 2019

Bus calls

Look for pitchfork intersection
This is the worst traffic I’ve ever seen
He ran right in front of me
Gate arm broken off
Deters says bus 17 is off route
Bus is causing injury
Bus driver says he had wanted man on bus
Woman with wheelchair full of stuff ⛔️

Motorcycle down
I sat through 5 lights
English second language lost
BMW broke windows
Riders complain to bus driver
Deters says operator missed a trip
Bus driver explains why she left wheelchair

Piss bus
Woman falls out of wheelchair
Car driver says bus rider threw plastic bottle at him
Rider smells
Rider breaks window
The customers know the routine of this
I’ve been sitting here 15 minutes

Took wrong bus
Fares. It’s a lift ticket. Just drive
He didn’t just drive
Door torture
Loud verbal
Driver sees man who assaulted him
Wheelchair gets jammed
🤮 bus
Ramp fail I jumped up and down on it
Stay to the right curve to the left stay to the right 

Junk bus
No overhead.
Acting bizarrely and stuff spread out
About as clear as mud
In my face

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